'Ask Elizabeth' - 90 Years in Islington

Elizabeth Jones has lived 90 years in the borough of Islington and has been witness to its fascinating changes over that time. As a young woman, Elizabeth opened her own little grocery shop, and was one of the first ever retailers to use the new-fangled cling film, and to install a refrigerator. She knows what buildings were here before they got bombed, and what Archway was like before they built the big tower. In 1980, a random accident dislodged her retinas, and she lost most of her vision. It turned her life upside down, but her indomitable spirit kept her going and she went on to found and manage the monthly audio newspaper: 'Talking News Islington', which recently celebrated it's 100th edition. A wonderful blast from the past with the vitally present Elizabeth Jones. What would you like to know about life in the old days? 

11.30am | Archway Library | FREE