Colin Grant presents: Homecoming - Voices of the Windrush Generation

Historian, biographer and author Colin Grant is an AWWW favourite, having presented three books to rapt AWWW audiences. His latest book draws on over 100 1st-hand interviews, archival recordings and memoirs by the women and men who came to Britain from the West Indies between the late ‘40s and early ‘60s. We hear from nurses in Manchester; bus drivers in Bristol; seamstresses in Birmingham; teachers in Croydon; dockers in Cardiff; inter-racial lovers in High Wycombe, and Carnival Queens in Leeds. These are stories of hope and regret, of triumphs and challenges, brimming with humour, anger and wisdom. Together, they reveal a rich tapestry of Caribbean British lives. Homecoming is an unforgettable portrait of a generation, which brilliantly illuminates an essential and much-misunderstood chapter of our history.

Sat 21st 2pm | Archway Methodist Church | £5