Dead Man's Party in Victorian Garden Cemeteries. A Bye Bye Blues Event

Contemporary changing attitudes towards dying and our cultural desire for secular mortality mediation means mixed use of cemeteries as community space are likely to become more commonplace. As these spaces embrace a variety of perspectives and voices within their walls, the perception of cemeteries is transforming from morbid and solemn, to celebratory and inclusive. These cemeteries endeavour to become places of community connection and joy. In this talk, Dr Romany Reagan will offer perspectives on what cemeteries have meant to their communities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries – and today – as spaces of mortality mediation. Building upon research from cemetery historians, mixed-use case studies, dark tourism, and her own research within Abney Park cemetery, Reagan will explore the diverse secular thanatouristic practices within cemeteries today – and the the future of navigating these practices within community contexts.

Tuesday 7.30pm | Lost Boys Pizza | £10

A Byebyeblues event