Francesca Martinez presents: ‘What the **** is Normal? With Raoul Martinez

If you grow up in a world where wrinkles are practically illegal, going bald is cause for a mental breakdown, and women over size zero are encouraged to shoot themselves, what the hell do you do if you’re, gasp … DISABLED? Whatever body you’re born into, the pressure to be normal is everywhere. But have you ever met a normal person? What the **** does normal mean anyway? AWWW presents the award-winning 'wobbly' comedian Francesca Martinez, with her funny, personal, and universal story of how she learned to stick two shaky fingers up to the crazy expectations of a world obsessed with being ‘normal’. Joining his sister is philosopher, artist and filmmaker Raoul Martinez presenting his powerful new book which questions our very understanding of the meaning of freedom. Drawing together findings and ideas from neuroscience, criminology, psychology, politics, climate science, economics, and philosophy, ‘Creating Freedom’ constructs a radical framework to make sense of the world and empower us to change it. Set to be an entertaining, thought provoking, truly memorable evening.
This venue is on the 1st floor with 25 steps but has a stair-lift for wheelchair users and anyone else. If you need this, it would be helpful if you could arrive a half hour before the start time to ensure we can accommodate everybody. Do get in touch with any questions:

Sat 21st 6pm | Archway Methodist Church | £10/£6