‘London Undercurrents‘ with Joolz & Hilaire + Debra Watson & Mary Dickins

Local poet Joolz Sparkes and Battersea based poet Hilaire bring you excerpts from ‘London Undercurrents’, with tales of Islington women, real and imagined and their counterparts south of the river. Meet explorer Mary Kingsley, a punk going to see the Sex Pistols, a suffragette in prison, Charlotte Despard, Price’s Candles factory workers, lady cyclists…; their project connects women of the past to women of the present through a rich thread of poetical comment. Following Joolz & Hilaire are Debra Watson, the co-founder and director of  The Crimson Word, a poetry collective for shows and events exploring multi-sensory, immersive and intimate poetry and Mary Dickins who has just published her first anthology of poems.

Tues 17th 8pm | Northern Soul Bar | £5