Dr Lindsey Fitzharris presents: 'The Butchering Art' Lister's Quest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine.

Surgeons are miracle-workers – but it was not always so. In ‘The Butchering Art’, medical historian Lindsey Fitzharris recreates the turning point when pioneering British surgeon Lister transformed the harrowing practice of pre-anaesthetic surgery undertaken by unwashed hands into the vaunted profession we know today. Dr Lindsey Fitzharris, the wonderfully engaging author of the hugely popular The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice and presenter of the ‘Under The Knife’ youtube series comes to Archway to launch her book in paperback. Unmissable.

Tuesday 25th September | 8.15pm | Archway Methodist Church, Navigator Square N19 3TD | £8/£7