Sunday October 16th

Body by Darwin: How evolution shapes our health and transforms medicine - Jeremy Taylor

Common colds and aching backs have deeper origins than the germs and behaviours we fault. In fact we can trace the roots of many medical conditions through our evolutionary history. Integrating science with stories from patients and doctors, Taylor shows how evolutionary medicine allows us to think about the human body and its adaptations in a completely new and productive way.

£6 | Kogan Academy 12.30pm





The Hard Word Box – Sarah Hesketh

In 2013 Sarah Hesketh spent nine months working as a poet in residence in a dementia care home. Her book The Hard Word Box is a collection of poems and interviews that describe her experiences and tell the stories of the carers, family members and people with dementia that she met. Hesketh will tell us about her discoveries and read from this collection, taking us on a surprising journey through language, memory and imagination,

£6 Kogan Academy 1.45pm


The Knowledge: How to build our world from scratch

So you've survived the disaster that's laid waste to the world - what next? One thing's sure - you'll be wanting a copy of physicist Lewis Dartnell's book! Come and hear the fantastically engaging story of the history of technology, the science of everyday life and how we make the things we need. Marvel at the ingenuity and creativity of the innovations we rely on to support our lives, and how to go about making them from scratch. With awesome slides!

£6 | Kogan Academy 3.15pm






The Crime Writer and 'Noon in Paris Eight in Chicago' – Jill Dawson and Douglas Cowie

Jill Dawson's latest is: 'a beautifully crafted and utterly riveting blend of fact and fiction about a fascinating 20th century figure.' It's 1964 and the eccentric American novelist Patricia Highsmith is seeking solitude away from attention that her book 'The Talented Mr Ripley' has brought... but it's clear her demons have come with her: prowlers, sexual obsessives, imposters, murderers: the tropes of her fictions intrude on her retreat. What would happen if Highsmith were like the characters she created? come and meet the writer of this playful and brilliant meditation on the creative mind.

It's Chicago, 1947. The Parisian intellectual Simone De Beauvoir calls up radical novelist Nelson Algren, whose closest friends are down and out drunks and asks him to show her around. After a whirlwind tour of diver bars, cabarets and even the inside of a police cell, the pair return to his apartment and a passion is sparked that will last for two decades. Douglas Cowie re-imagines this turbulent bittersweet affair in an emotional roller-coaster of a novel that shines an unflinching light on the fragilities of the human psyche

£6 | Kogan Academy 5pm


Rarely heard recordings of London Life from the 1950's all the way back to the 1880's – 
Ian Rawes & The London Sound Survey

Captured by broadcasters and amateurs alike, these recordings bring to life a rowdy, vocal London filled with vigour and eccentricity. Lavender-sellers and fortune tellers, the vanished songs of schoolchildren, fire stations and sewer workers, the propoganda and reality of the Blitz - all these and much more are lined up for an event not to be missed by anyone with an interest in the history of London

£6 | Kogan Academy 6.30pm



An evening of spoken word - Roger Robinson, Tim Wells and Emily Harrison & guests

Performer and writer Roger Robinson describes himself as: 'A British resident with a Trini sensibility.. His unique blend of lilting Caribbean rhythms and beautifully crafted poetry has earned him praise and comparison with Linton Kwesi Johnson. He's published short fiction, produced albums and is a member of the band King Midas Sounds  Tonight he reads a selection of his work.

Tim Wells is made of reggae, pie and mash, lager top and Leyton Orient FC. Tonight he reads from his latest collection ' Everything Crash',and some old favourites.

This year Emily Harrison launched her first book and won 'Best Spoken Word Performer' at the Saboteur awards. She is a rising star, but life is never simple. She says: ''there is no shame in being admitted to a psychiatric ward. I am proud of who I am. Spoken Word has allowed me to reclaim the shit life has thrown at me.''

This will be a very special evening!

 £6 | Archway Tavern Nightclub 7.45pm