Cinephile Mary Wild: Approaching the oeuvre of surrealist filmmakers

Surrealist artists are interested in the capacity of film to nullify reality’s boundaries. As the critic René Gardies observed in 1968, film is “a privileged instrument de-realising the world, providing alchemical tools for transforming reality.’’ In this lecture, Mary will explore the overlap between the psychoanalytic method and surrealist cinema – two disciplines that insist on the supremacy of the unconscious, working through absurd dream logic, calling out the banality and hypocrisy of so-called civilised society. Studying works by filmmakers including Luis Buñuel, Věra Chytilová, David Lynch, Guy Maddin, Jan Švankmajer and Maya Deren, the proposition is that surrealism is a revolutionary anti-art much like the psychoanalytic process, unlocking the mind’s creative potential by overcoming repression.

Sun 15th 8pm | Hargrave Hall | £5