Thank Yous:


Heartfelt thanks are due to many people for making AWWW2016 happen.
Here’s a few...

Thank you to Reverend Timothy Bradshaw and the committee of the Archway Methodist Church for being so generous with their Worship Centre, and for their time, assistance and kindness in this endeavour.

Thank you to Cuneyt Yilmaz and the team at Archway Library.

Thank you to the team at Archway Methodist church, especially Reverend Timothy Bradshaw and Robert Alderman for their very generous kind assistance; Thank you to Reverend Karowei Dorgu and everyone at St John’s Church for their time, kindness and assistance in this endeavour.

Thank you to the trustees and staff of Hargrave Hall; to Koli, Chris, Arno and the team at Archway Tavern Nightclub Kolis; to Neil, Dennis and the team at The Kogan Academy.

Thank you to Islington Council and councillors Tim Nicholls, Kaya Comer-Schwartz and David Poyser for their contributions, to Pete Courtie, Aroha Rangi, Angeles Gordo and Tony Brown for their constant, warm, invaluable assistance.

Thank you to Aaron Fordwoh for his superb skills as AWWW production assistant, to David Wilson, taking care of sound and vision, and to Simon Allen who created this marvelous brochure and the AWWW website. 

Thank you to Gina and the team at Essential Living, Charles and the team at Bode,  Lazari Investments, all at the Archway Town Centre Group and especially Hak & Engin from Absolute Print - absolute sweeties.