Thursday October 20th

Really Big Pants presents ‘Suddenly’!

A fast, fun twist on traditional tales...Red and her Grandma love bedtime stories from books, and they make up their own! One evening they are interrupted by their wily neighbour Mr Wolfe, and a race begins to save Grandma’s home - a treehouse... meet a magic mirror! Persuade a bird of paradise to lay an egg, help with a very special spell and ride on a flying carpet! There’s goodies, baddies, adventure, excitement… and lots and lots of “suddenlies” in this fantastically entertaining show for  5’s - 8s.

FREE | Hargrave Hall 4.30pm

A cultural history of 154 emotions & words that describe them – Dr Tiffany Watt-Smith

Research fellow Dr Watt-Smith presents her hugely entertaining and informative ‘Book Of Human Emotions’ in a wonderfully illustrated talk. Drawing on anthropology, science, art, literature and music from around the globe, Dr Smith reveals fascinating facts about 154 feelings from Anger to Wanderlust..Discover emotions you never knew you had, and hear why Watt-Smith objects to attempts to ‘’reduce the beautiful complexity of our inner lives to a few cardinal emotions’’ and thinks what we need isn’t fewer words for our feelings, but more….

£6 | Archway Methodist Church 6.30pm


The Age of Bowie – Paul Morley & Jake Arnott

Respected arts commentator & rock journalist Paul Morley, one of the team who curated the David Bowie Is exhibition, tells the definitive story of Bowie that explores how he worked, played, structured his ideas, invented the future and entered history as someone who could never be forgotten. In a startling critique of Bowie’s legacy, he shows how he never stayed still even when he withdrew from the spotlight, how he always knew his own worth, and released a dazzling plethora of mobile Bowies into the world with a bloody-minded determination and a voluptuous imagination to create something amazing that was not there before. 
Novelist Jake Arnott is a ‘fantastically huge fan’ of Bowie. And the feeling was mutual. Bowie said of Arnott: ‘’Whenever he's got a new book out, I drop everything…’’ Arnott’s knowledge of Bowie’s work is deeper than most superfans fans as he’s been studying his literary references, from Shakespeare to JG Ballard since the age of 11. Here he asks what can we make of his literary legacy, of his influences and output as a writer?

£7 Archway Methodist Church 7.45pm



Open Mic Night: The Mother Red Cap, Holloway Road

A fab regular Open Mic Night with a lovely relaxed fun atmosphere. Want to sing, play, read or do some comedy? Get signed up at 8 – performances till late! 

FREE | The Mother Red Cap, 8pm