Tuesday October 18th

Spirals & Fractals & swirls – o my!
Alex bellos

Join in a joyful contemplation of mathematical patterns with supremo of science writing, puzzle-blogger and fantastically entertaining educator Alex Bellos. His latest book features 80 ravishingly beautiful patterns swirls and spirals that demonstrate mathematical ideas like 'hyperbolic projections, fractals and aperiodic tilings. Come and find out how a colouring book collaboration between two mathematical maestros Bellos and Edmund-'I discovered a new spiral'-Hariss is the coolest thing imaginable

£6/£2 under 16s | Archway Methodist Church 6.30pm


Reconstructing the evolution of Modern humans – Professor chris stringer of the natural history museum

Here we get a close up look at the most challenging recent finds in the study of human evolution. Professor Stringer has worked at the Natural History Museum for more than 40 years. currently he collaborates with archaeologists and geneticists attempting to reconstruct the evolution of modern humans globally. It's a fast-changing field as discoveries accumulate and ancient DNA makes an ever increasing impact. The discovery of over 1500 human fossils in South Africa and the recovery of complete genomes of Neaderthals and Denisovans

 £6/£2 | Archway Methodist Church 8.15pm  -  


Queer’Say - a Spoken Word Chat Show

Radio 4 and Resonance FM regular Rosie Wilby hosts: Queer’Say - a spoken word chat show and showcase of queer spoken word. With Sophia Blackwell, Sophia Walker and others.  

£6|  The Hideaway Bar 8pm