ArchWay With Words 2016

The ArchWay With Words annual festival features fiction, science, history, biography, comedy, poetry, performance, film and music in a week long odyssey of fascinating events. Between them our illustrious guests have - literally - sold millions of books, won shelves-full of awards and entertained people all over the world.

More than 40 events will take place at various Archway venues with most only £6 and many absolutely free. Come and meet spellbinding specialists and ask them questions. You can also let your own creativity blossom in writing workshops and singing opportunities. Sign up to the mailing list above for the first news and follow @archwayword.

Suzi Quatro
Prof Chris Stringer
Colin Grant
Guy Fraser-Sampson
Kit de Waal
Nina Lyon
Laurie Bolger
Emily Harrison
Erwin James
Dr Tiffany Watt-Smith
Sophia Walker
Anoushka Beazley
David Wilson
ShzrEe Ta
Mem Zepper

Rev Richard Coles
Louise Doughty
Jonathan Harvey
Caroline Brothers
Alex Wheatle
Patrice Lawrence
Douglas Cowie
Sunny Singh
Video Strolls
Greg Jenner
Daniela Essart
Really Big Pants
Mick Twister
Lance Rose
Open Mic

Courttia Newland
Christopher Fowler
Jill Dawson
Rosie Wilby
Roger Robinson
Michael Smith
Rebecca Rideal
Erwin James
Merilyn Moos
Tim Wells
London Sound Survey
Wanda Wyporska
Elaine Foo
Jonathan Gentleman-LeeComedy Night Hideaway

Alex Bellos
Salena Godden
Helen Czerski
Paul Morley
Prof Lewis Dartnell
Tim Adler
Baluji Shrivastav
Jake Arnott
Jeremy Taylor
Sarah Hesketh
Sophia Blackwell
Loretta Schauer
Errol Linton
Mary Dickins
Music Mother Red Cap

Sign up to the mailing list above for first choice tickets and follow @archwayword for all the latest info!

Getting to Archway

Archway tube station is on Junction Rd, Upper Holloway Overground is at the Archway end of Holloway Rd, and there are 12 bus routes: 43, 271, 263, 17, 134, 143, 390, 41, W5, 210, C11, 4