ArchWay With Words is an annual festival featuring authors and speakers on fascinating subject matters.

Over 5 years we have featured hundreds of brilliant, entertaining people who contribute to our culture; you can see  their pictures and read more about them below. 

Our key sponsor is BODE who are developing Hill House in the centre of Archway bringing new housing, new and improved shopping and now a plan to make the square by Archway's Post Office into a city garden for all.

We also receive a grant from Islington Council's Community Festival Fund and gain support from local councillors Janet Burgess, Kaya Comer-Schwartz, Tim Nicholls and Dave Poyser as well as many council officers who work behind the scenes to ensure AWWW is delivered to Islington's residents and visitors.

The main venue for the festival is the Archway Methodist Church who are especially generous offering their Worship Centre. Their ongoing support and friendship is indispensable in this endeavour. Archway Library too are essential and valued partners, hosting free events and acting as our box office. Hargrave Hall trustees are also our treasured partners, hosting free events. 

Thank you to Reverend Tim Bradshaw, Robert Alderman and the committee of Archway Methodist Church; thank you to Cuneyt Yilmaz and the team at Archway Library; thank you to the trustees and manager of of Hargrave Hall.

The festival is made possible by a fantastic team who present the events, design and print the brochure, provide the sound and visual technical expertise, help us promote, supervise front of house and take care of our audience, all underpinned by our fantastic team of volunteers.

Thank you to Dejan Tomic, Simon Allen, Nicole Rachelle-Moore, David Wilson, Mark Hudson, Katie Granger, Aneesha Srinivisan, Aaron Fordwoh, Kieran Reilly, Caroline Walton, John O Boyle, Jan Tucker, Hak Huseyin, Engin Mehmet, Hermela Habtegrebel and Charles Moran.

AWWW is great value for money with most events only a fiver, and many absolutely free. Archway is a fascinating place to live with an abundance of great reasons to visit; it's a terrific setting for a story. I hope you have a great festival!

Stephanie Smith, Creative Director


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ArchWay With Words 2013/14/15/16/17

Check out some of the Speakers we Have had the pleasure of hosting at Previous festivals...

Will Self, Harriet Walter, Ben Okri, Simon Singh, Stella Duffy, Viv Alvbertine, Suzi Quatro, Phill Jupitus, Jah Wobble, Tracy Chevalier, Alex Bellos, Esther Freud, Sunny Singh, Em Harri, Sarah Hesketh, Tina Seskis, Rastamouse, Gile Paley-Philips, Michele Hanson, Charlotte Mendelson, Joanna Briscoe, Tim Wells, Lisa Jewell, Michele Hanson, Professor Steve Jones, Chris Stringer, Charlie Higson, Sarah Westwood, Rosie Wilby, Kate Shortt, Really Big Pants...and more than a hundred others...

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All photography on website by Justin Piperger.