You can get a quick overview of the events below, look at the programme for the full story, or pick up a printed festival brochure which you'll soon find in the library, local shops and restaurants, and all around Archway and North London

Any questions, just drop us a line here!

Saturday September 22nd

'Subjunctive Moods' with Catherine Menon

CG Menon reads from her new collection of short stories featuring her prize-winning writing alongside her most recent work. '...tiny moments of missed connection and of realisation: the heartbeats by which we all grow up. ..'

12pm | FREE | Archway Library

'Alice Took A Detour' with Karen Georghiou

Karen Georghiou had an episode of psychosis at 17 which led to an obsession with Alice in Wonderland. Continue your journey into that magical world with this charming collection of bite size stories and poems full of humour, wit and word play.      

1.30pm: FREE | Archway Library

'Save Korean Dogs' with Madeline Warren

In many Asian countries dogs are killed to provide a delicacy and for supposed medicinal qualities. Madeline Warren works with a Korean charity which campaigns for better legislation. She will talk about Koreans’ changing attitudes to dogs, and hopes for the future.  

3pm: FREE | Archway Library

Sunday 23rd September

The film 'Black Panther''s true African history and the books that prove it... 

In this audio-visual presentation, historian Tony Warner will illustrate the actual black history referenced in the film. An enthralling talk about black history disguised in '60s comics and 21st century movies. suitable for adults, children, teachers, nerds and of course...Black Panther fans...

3pm | £7/£5 | Hargrave Hall

The Bomb Factory presents an exhibition and reading: 'A Portable Hole'

'A Portable Hole' is a group exhibition focusing on holes, mazes and labyrinths featuring sculpture, video works and painting. Writer Sejal Chad will read from her work relating to the themes in the show. Show on until 14th October 2018 open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm

5.30pm | The Bomb Factory | FREE

Archway's Got Talent - an evening with local musicians and singers

Hargrave Hall plays host to local talent with the WTW big band with their array of brass instruments playing classic big band numbers, local choir the Mixed Up Chorus singing from their repertoire and a variety of local musicians and singers doing a turn! Fancy joining in? Get in touch!

From 7pm | Hargrave Hall | FREE

Monday 24th September

Candy Gourlay presents 'Is it a Mermaid?'

Candy presents her picture book, 'Is It A Mermaid?' When Benjie and Bel find a strange creature they know it's a dugong. But the dugong insists she is a mermaid and shows them her tail and sings them a song...Candy will also run a lovely story-building exercise. Age 3 - 7s

4.30pm | Archway Library | FREE

Rosie Wilby: 'Is Monogamy Dead?' Rethinking relationships in the 21st Century

Comedian Rosie Wilby presents 'Is Monogamy Dead?', a mix of memoir and funny sociology, detailing her quest to know why society clings to a concept laden with ambiguity. She looks at insights we gain about instinctive male/female behaviours from studying same-sex partnerships.  

6.30pm | Archway Library | FREE

Colin Stuart - Mission to Mars - a voyage of discovery to the Red Planet

We will soon make our first trip to Mars. What challenges will they have to overcome and what spectacular sights will await the successful? Colin Stuart presents a talk with stunning visuals and the latest scientific thinking about the forthcoming human mission to the Red Planet.

7.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £7/£5

Tuesday 25th September

Professor Jim Al-Khalili: The A.I. Revolution: hopes, fears & opportunities

Professor Jim Al-Khalili, the theoretical physicist who broadcasts BBC4’s ‘The Life Scientific’ will talk about advances in Artificial Intelligence. What are the ethical implications of virtual reality and invisibility cloaks? A wonderful opportunity to meet this outstanding scientist and author.

6.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £10/£7

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris: 'The Butchering Art', a history of surgery.

Medical historian Fitzharris details how Joseph Lister transformed the harrowing practice of pre-anaesthetic surgery undertaken by unwashed hands. The wonderfully engaging author of The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice and presenter of ‘Under The Knife’ launches her book in paperback. 

8.15pm | Archway Methodist Church | £8/£7

Wednesday 26th September

Crafternoon at Archway Library!

Come and make a flower from junk and bits and bobs to put in Archway's planter phoneboxes till they get planted again! 

4pm | Archway Library | FREE

Tanika Gupta and Meera Syal in conversation

Two queens of drama come to Archway to talk to us about writing for the stage and screen, comedy acting adaptation.   

7pm | Archway Methodist Church | £10

'The Crimson Word' presents: The Empire of Fluff

Some of London’s finest wordsmiths and dreamers map an alternative, shifting ‘Empire of Fluff’: a world of  poetry, music and song, charting impermanence and pleasure. Debra Watson, Winter James, Mad Pirvan, Naomi Wood and Peter Doolan with Hen Ni Linnea. 

8.30pm | Northern Soul Bar | £5

Thursday 27th September

Lily Bailey presents: 'When We Were Bad, OCD and a girl lost in thought'

By the age of 13, Bailey had killed someone with a thought and spread untold disease. Only by performing exhausting secret routines could she correct her badness, but it was never enough as he had a severe case of OCD .This fascinating true story lights up the workings of the mind. 

6.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £7/£5

Viv Albertine presents: 'To Throw Away Unopened'

With her 1st book Albertine shook up the memoir genre with an unflinching account of her life. Her 2nd’s title comes from her mother’s diary where she found descriptions of herself from the age of 11. Hear from Viv herself about her 2nd memoir that is 'about being an outsider’

8pm | Archway Methodist Church  | £8/£5

Paul Burston presents: 'The Black Path'

The curator and host of the award-winning LGBT literary salon Polari talks about his first crime novel, 'The Black Path'. A tale of love and lies, obsession and betrayal, this page-turner will appeal to fans of 'domestic noir' and anyone who's ever wondered about the secrets people keep...

9.30pm | The Oak & Pastor pub | FREE

Friday 28th September

An evening of local talent starting with the WTW Big Band

An evening of music and singing from talented folk in Archway! The WTW big band present classic big band numbers, a local choir sing a mixture of songs and then it's over to you. If you are a musician/singer who'd like to do a turn, get in touch and we'll try to fit you in!

7.30pm | Hargrave Hall | FREE

Saturday 29th September

ALL DAY ACTIVITIES at Archway Market, Navigator Square; walks, talks & the launch of local history project 'Archway Re/Visited.'

Local History Guided Walks

With Jane Parker and Jen Pedler. Starts from Archway Market - one goes North, the other goes South!

12pm, 2pm and 4pm | Navigator Square | £4 pay on the day.


'Ask Elizabeth' - 90 years in Islington

Elizabeth Jones has lived in Islington all her life, doing all kinds of things including running one of the first ever corner shops to have a fridge. At this gathering she will speak about some of her memories of how things were and about witnessing how they've changed.

11.30am | Archway Library | FREE

Different Class  - Dermot Kavanagh's biography of Laurie Cunningham

Cunningham was the first black footballer to play professionally for England in a time when racist chants were common. He was hugely important in the history of football but he also wanted to talk about culture  -  a man of swagger with a love of funk music and bespoke suits.

1pm | Archway Methodist Church | £4

The History of The Irish in London with Dr Tony Murray

The Curator of the Archive of the Irish in London on the history of the Irish in Archway with tales of navigators who built railways, women who nursed at the Whittington, the Irish Dancehall and social life. A great chance to ask questions of the foremost expert in this field.

2.15pm | Archway Methodist Church | £4

'The Language of Kindness - A Nurses Story' with Christie Watson

Christie Watson presents her astonishing account of a profession defined by acts of compassion and kindness. In the year in which we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS, The Language of Kindness is set to be one of 2018’s most urgent, most talked about and best-loved books.

3.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £5

'21 Miles Swimming in Search of the Meaning of Motherhood'

After a decade of trying to become a mother Jessica Hepburn knew it was time to do something different. So she decided to swim the twenty-one miles across the English Channel and speak to mothers revealing compelling truths about female fulfilment and the meaning of motherhood.

5.15pm | Archway Methodist Church | £4

Activities at Archway Market

Get stuck in to some writing with our fun prompts:

Make a limerick with Mick Twister, do Cut-Up poetry, create a character with PropPlay dressing up box and have a dip in the word tombola... Make and decorate a shaker and join in with the Archway Drummers; make some bunting and some bits & bobs-flowers to decorate Archway! All day we will be playing fab golden oldies, with musicians and poets popping up, and ending with a group singalong to your favourites.

12 - 4pm | Archway Market, Navigator Square | FREE

Archway Re/Visited - local history project.

Come and join in the launch of a new local history project which is gathering pictures and stories from old Archway to result in a website. We're