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Thursday October 13th

Video Strolls presents:short films by Michael Smith.

Smith is the author of several novels, but his work also explores how writing can enrich other media -  he's made an album of spoken word  & music, written and presented critically acclaimed, poetic documentaries and dozens of short films. He also directs his own films: experimental, literary pieces he likes to imagine as 'video-poems'.  Michael will introduce and talk about some of his personal favourites, as well as giving sneak previews of two new pieces'...

£5 Archway Tavern Nightclub Kolis 7pm


‘Let All The Children Boogie'

Come and dance the night away to Bowie's music on a great sound system. There will also be projections of rare Bowie footage including him performing 'Live at the Marquee -The Message From Mars Midnight Special';'Visionary Spirit';'Missing Links One Ziggy' and more. You don't have to dress up, unless you want to....

Come and boogie in Archway's nightclub! Seating, outside area, bar till 1am

£6 Archway Tavern Nightclub Kolis 9pm


Friday October 14th

Louise Doughty & Sunny Singh with their thrilling new books

The writer of 8 diverse, best-selling novels, Louise Doughty defies categorisation. ''I can only write whatever idea grips me by the throat...''Her latest is an epic thriller exploring the story of one troubled man who is more afraid of what he's already done, than the mortal danger that he's now in. Come and hear how she got gripped, and how she feels about 'Apple Tree Yard' being adapted for TV

A war photographer, famous for hauntingly beautiful pictures of the dead, checks into Hotel Arcadia to relax...on the day it is besieged by terrorists. With this cracking premise, Sunny Singh delivers not only a nail-biting thriller but a critique of the modern world's obsession with images. Here she tells us how the idea originated and developed into a plot...

£6 Archway Methodist Church 7.15pm


Jonathan Harvey - exploring social media-created celebrity...

Harvey is the multi award-winning writer of the play and film 'Beautiful Thing' and the sitcom 'Gimme Gimme Gimme'. Currently writing all sorts of terrific TV scripts, whenever there's an especially good episode of Corrie, it's Jonathan Harvey that wrote it! Amazingly, he's also found time to write hugely popular novels filled with his trademark wit, warmth and outrageous humour. Here he presents his latest, a tale that follows three teenagers over thirty years of friendship and secrets exploring the choices we make and the consequences we face...

£6 Archway Methodist Church 8.45pm



Raise The Roof With The Irish rover! – The Mother Red Cap

The cream of London's instrumentalists present an evening of traditional Irish music with some old favourites, and a few new ones... Expect to be tempted to sing along!

 FREE | The Mother Red Cap pub 10pm

Saturday October 15th

Guy Fraser-Sampson & Anne Coates mystery, murder & best-sellers

Fraser-Sampson is perhaps best known for his Mapp & Lucia books, which were all optioned by the BBC. Recently he's embarked upon detective fiction with 'Death In Profile', a contemporary murder mystery that unravels in the intriguing style of the classic whodunit and is quirky and intelligent. Meet the creator of the characters whose lives, loves and eccentricities will be developed in the second book in the series, which will feature Agatha Christie as a key witness.

Dancers in the Wind is the thrilling first crime novel from bestselling author Anne Coates. Perfect for fans of Lynda La Plante, Martina Cole and Tara Moore, it publishes 13th October 2016. Freelance journalist and single mother Hannah Weybridge is commissioned by a national newspaper to write an investigative article on the notorious red light district in Kings Cross. There she meets prostitute Princess, and a police inspector in the vice squad, Tom Jordan.


£6 Archway Methodist Church 12pm


A story to uncover the disappeared
Caroline Brothers

Award-winning human rights journalist and writer Caroline Brothers presents 'The Memory Stones', her fictionalised account of one couple's search for their 'disappeared' family, which throws new light on the atrocities of Argentina's 1980's military junta. Come and hear about Brothers' journey from being a factual foreign correspondent to a writer of lucid and poetic prose with a tremendous geographical scope that marks her out as a significant new voice in world literature.

£6 - Archway Methodist Church 1.30pm


Uprooted: On the Trail Of The Green Man
Nina Lyon

Depictions of the Green Man are all across Europe and beyond. But who or what is he? According to Nina Lyon: '...he is a sort of forest god, an emblem of the birth-death-rebirth cycle of the natural year...' 'Uprooted' is a timely, beautifully written and provocative account of the most enduring and recognisable of Britain's folk images, It's also a meditation on why these leafy heads have developed into today's cult symbols. Come and hear the amazing story of how Nina Lyon set about researching The Green Man, and met a colourful collection of characters along the way.

£6 Archway Methodist Church 3pm


The Language of Silence - Merilyn Moos

The novel 'The Language of Silence' provides a remarkable exploration of how the effects of exile continue to have a profound personal impact on following generations. Anna's parents opposed the Nazis and fled for their lives to the UK.  Anna uncovers the fate of her German extended family as she tries to piece together her parents' unspoken hidden history, in part from the files of MI5.

Free | Archway Library 3pm

Myths & mysteries in the story of epilepsy – Colin Grant

For thousands of years, people with epilepsy were thought to be cursed, were abandoned as infants, excluded from marriage and locked up in insane asylums. Neurological science has evolved, and there have been revelations that such exceptional people as Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Dostoevsky and  Emily Dickinson were sufferers, but epilepsy itself is still mysterious. Colin Grant's brother Christopher developed the condition at a young age, so Grant's captivating research is interwoven with a moving memoir of his life. Here Grant reveals the myths, science and history in the story of epilepsy.

£6 | Archway Methodist Church 4.30pm   GET TICKETS HERE

Reverend Richard Coles - The wheat & Chaff of years as a priest

After a life of sex and drugs and the Communards - brilliantly recounted in the highly acclaimed 'Fathomless Riches', the Reverend Richard Coles went on to devote his life to God and Christianity. He is also a much-loved broadcaster, presenting SATURDAY LIVE on Radio 4 and PAUSE FOR THOUGHT on Radio 2. Come and hear this wonderfully wise and witty man reveal his unique insights into daily experience in the ministry, as told in the 2nd volume of his autobiography 'Bringing In The Sheaves', rich with all the joy, drama, difficulty and humour which life serves up.

£7 Archway Methodist Church 6.00pm    GET TICKETS HERE

Investigating the peculiar...Christopher Fowler

Meet the multi award-winning author of the Bryant & May novels that feature 'The Peculiar Crime Unit' and its two endearing detectives who have sneaked well past the statutory retirement age. These books have charmed legions of fans, recently being described at Crimefest as ''one of the best things ever to flow from the pen of a British Crime Writer...'' Here Christopher gives us insights into his craft from creating well-drawn characters to building suspense, In conversation with Guy Fraser-Sampson.

£7 Archway Methodist Church 7.45pm


Sunday October 16th

Body by Darwin: How evolution shapes our health and transforms medicine - Jeremy Taylor

Common colds and aching backs have deeper origins than the germs and behaviours we fault. In fact we can trace the roots of many medical conditions through our evolutionary history. Integrating science with stories from patients and doctors, Taylor shows how evolutionary medicine allows us to think about the human body and its adaptations in a completely new and productive way.

£6 | Kogan Academy 12.30pm





The Hard Word Box – Sarah Hesketh

In 2013 Sarah Hesketh spent nine months working as a poet in residence in a dementia care home. Her book The Hard Word Box is a collection of poems and interviews that describe her experiences and tell the stories of the carers, family members and people with dementia that she met. Hesketh will tell us about her discoveries and read from this collection, taking us on a surprising journey through language, memory and imagination,

£6 Kogan Academy 1.45pm


The Knowledge: How to build our world from scratch

So you've survived the disaster that's laid waste to the world - what next? One thing's sure - you'll be wanting a copy of physicist Lewis Dartnell's book! Come and hear the fantastically engaging story of the history of technology, the science of everyday life and how we make the things we need. Marvel at the ingenuity and creativity of the innovations we rely on to support our lives, and how to go about making them from scratch. With awesome slides!

£6 | Kogan Academy 3.15pm






The Crime Writer and 'Noon in Paris Eight in Chicago' – Jill Dawson and Douglas Cowie

Jill Dawson's latest is: 'a beautifully crafted and utterly riveting blend of fact and fiction about a fascinating 20th century figure.' It's 1964 and the eccentric American novelist Patricia Highsmith is seeking solitude away from attention that her book 'The Talented Mr Ripley' has brought... but it's clear her demons have come with her: prowlers, sexual obsessives, imposters, murderers: the tropes of her fictions intrude on her retreat. What would happen if Highsmith were like the characters she created? come and meet the writer of this playful and brilliant meditation on the creative mind.

It's Chicago, 1947. The Parisian intellectual Simone De Beauvoir calls up radical novelist Nelson Algren, whose closest friends are down and out drunks and asks him to show her around. After a whirlwind tour of diver bars, cabarets and even the inside of a police cell, the pair return to his apartment and a passion is sparked that will last for two decades. Douglas Cowie re-imagines this turbulent bittersweet affair in an emotional roller-coaster of a novel that shines an unflinching light on the fragilities of the human psyche

£6 | Kogan Academy 5pm


Rarely heard recordings of London Life from the 1950's all the way back to the 1880's – 
Ian Rawes & The London Sound Survey

Captured by broadcasters and amateurs alike, these recordings bring to life a rowdy, vocal London filled with vigour and eccentricity. Lavender-sellers and fortune tellers, the vanished songs of schoolchildren, fire stations and sewer workers, the propoganda and reality of the Blitz - all these and much more are lined up for an event not to be missed by anyone with an interest in the history of London

£6 | Kogan Academy 6.30pm



An evening of spoken word - Roger Robinson, Tim Wells and Emily Harrison & guests

Performer and writer Roger Robinson describes himself as: 'A British resident with a Trini sensibility.. His unique blend of lilting Caribbean rhythms and beautifully crafted poetry has earned him praise and comparison with Linton Kwesi Johnson. He's published short fiction, produced albums and is a member of the band King Midas Sounds  Tonight he reads a selection of his work.

Tim Wells is made of reggae, pie and mash, lager top and Leyton Orient FC. Tonight he reads from his latest collection ' Everything Crash',and some old favourites.

This year Emily Harrison launched her first book and won 'Best Spoken Word Performer' at the Saboteur awards. She is a rising star, but life is never simple. She says: ''there is no shame in being admitted to a psychiatric ward. I am proud of who I am. Spoken Word has allowed me to reclaim the shit life has thrown at me.''

This will be a very special evening!

 £6 | Archway Tavern Nightclub 7.45pm


Monday October 17th

When All Is Not What It Seems...  'The Good Enough Mother'  
– Anoushka Beazley

In Gatlin - a leafy, affluent town, all is not as it seems. Drea, a most unnatural mother struggles to find private school fees for her stepdaughter. Watching the yummy mummies, she becomes inspired, hatching a daring and criminal plan, unleashing all hell in a quiet town. Can Drea survive the fallout and the wrath of the PTA? A satirical, and hilarious black comedy about love, motherhood and the human condition.

Free | Archway Library 6.30pm


Behind the scenes of Aerial Artistry -  Daniela Essart's scarabeus

In 2013, Daniela Essart fulfilled a decades-long desire - she created a magnificent work of art and it was performed by aerial artists from her company ‘Scarabeus’, who danced from the top of ‘Archway Tower’ all the way down the 195-foot tall building, attached by wires and dressed as orchids. A glorious soundtrack soared across Archway and was joined by the gasps of hundreds of people gathered on Archway’s pavements, witnessing the breathtaking beauty. Essart gives us the inside story and talks us through the equipment of an aerialist.

FREE Vantage Point 7.30pm (music from 7pm)

Bea poser!.jpg

MC Joe's comedy Club  – The Hideaway Bar

MC Joe presents an extra special line-up at this terrific regular comedy club at one of Archway’s best-loved pub venues. Showcasing some of the finest and most interesting acts in London, prepare to have your funny fancy tickled!

 FREE | The Hideaway Bar 8pm

Tuesday October 18th

Spirals & Fractals & swirls – o my!
Alex bellos

Join in a joyful contemplation of mathematical patterns with supremo of science writing, puzzle-blogger and fantastically entertaining educator Alex Bellos. His latest book features 80 ravishingly beautiful patterns swirls and spirals that demonstrate mathematical ideas like 'hyperbolic projections, fractals and aperiodic tilings. Come and find out how a colouring book collaboration between two mathematical maestros Bellos and Edmund-'I discovered a new spiral'-Hariss is the coolest thing imaginable

£6/£2 under 16s | Archway Methodist Church 6.30pm


Reconstructing the evolution of Modern humans – Professor chris stringer of the natural history museum

Here we get a close up look at the most challenging recent finds in the study of human evolution. Professor Stringer has worked at the Natural History Museum for more than 40 years. currently he collaborates with archaeologists and geneticists attempting to reconstruct the evolution of modern humans globally. It's a fast-changing field as discoveries accumulate and ancient DNA makes an ever increasing impact. The discovery of over 1500 human fossils in South Africa and the recovery of complete genomes of Neaderthals and Denisovans

 £6/£2 | Archway Methodist Church 8.15pm  -  


Queer’Say - a Spoken Word Chat Show

Radio 4 and Resonance FM regular Rosie Wilby hosts: Queer’Say - a spoken word chat show and showcase of queer spoken word. With Sophia Blackwell, Sophia Walker and others.  

£6|  The Hideaway Bar 8pm



Wednesday October 19th

Blending Fact with Fiction: History without the footnotes – Wanda Wyporska

Dr Wanda Wyporska is the author of Witchcraft in Early Modern Poland 1500-1800, but as many historians, has made the leap into writing historical fiction. She discusses the recent renaissance of historical fiction, some of the pitfalls of history without footnotes and reads from her new work blending contemporary women’s issues with the testimonies of those caught up in the witchcraft persecution.

FREE | Archway Library 6.45pm



Archway Singalong Choir!! A first taster session....

Come and have a singsong with your neighbours and visitors! We'd love to have a regular relaxed singalong choir in Archway - fancy it? Come and sign up! Or just can't make tonight? Sign up to the mailing list!!

FREE | Hargrave Hall 9pm  



Thursday October 20th

Really Big Pants presents ‘Suddenly’!

A fast, fun twist on traditional tales...Red and her Grandma love bedtime stories from books, and they make up their own! One evening they are interrupted by their wily neighbour Mr Wolfe, and a race begins to save Grandma’s home - a treehouse... meet a magic mirror! Persuade a bird of paradise to lay an egg, help with a very special spell and ride on a flying carpet! There’s goodies, baddies, adventure, excitement… and lots and lots of “suddenlies” in this fantastically entertaining show for  5’s - 8s.

FREE | Hargrave Hall 4.30pm

A cultural history of 154 emotions & words that describe them – Dr Tiffany Watt-Smith

Research fellow Dr Watt-Smith presents her hugely entertaining and informative ‘Book Of Human Emotions’ in a wonderfully illustrated talk. Drawing on anthropology, science, art, literature and music from around the globe, Dr Smith reveals fascinating facts about 154 feelings from Anger to Wanderlust..Discover emotions you never knew you had, and hear why Watt-Smith objects to attempts to ‘’reduce the beautiful complexity of our inner lives to a few cardinal emotions’’ and thinks what we need isn’t fewer words for our feelings, but more….

£6 | Archway Methodist Church 6.30pm


The Age of Bowie – Paul Morley & Jake Arnott

Respected arts commentator & rock journalist Paul Morley, one of the team who curated the David Bowie Is exhibition, tells the definitive story of Bowie that explores how he worked, played, structured his ideas, invented the future and entered history as someone who could never be forgotten. In a startling critique of Bowie’s legacy, he shows how he never stayed still even when he withdrew from the spotlight, how he always knew his own worth, and released a dazzling plethora of mobile Bowies into the world with a bloody-minded determination and a voluptuous imagination to create something amazing that was not there before. 
Novelist Jake Arnott is a ‘fantastically huge fan’ of Bowie. And the feeling was mutual. Bowie said of Arnott: ‘’Whenever he's got a new book out, I drop everything…’’ Arnott’s knowledge of Bowie’s work is deeper than most superfans fans as he’s been studying his literary references, from Shakespeare to JG Ballard since the age of 11. Here he asks what can we make of his literary legacy, of his influences and output as a writer?

£7 Archway Methodist Church 7.45pm



Open Mic Night: The Mother Red Cap, Holloway Road

A fab regular Open Mic Night with a lovely relaxed fun atmosphere. Want to sing, play, read or do some comedy? Get signed up at 8 – performances till late! 

FREE | The Mother Red Cap, 8pm

Friday October 21st 


oodles of doodles – Loretta schauer

Come and meet author and illustrator Loretta. She has oodles of doodles noodling around looking for an adventure! Usually she’s in her studio with Torben Redbeard the hamster, and piles and piles of paints and pens and she wants to hear your ideas, and get you in the moodle for a doodle!

FREE |  Archway Library, 3.45pm 

Meet The Ultimate Bubble Boffin The Science of Bubbles – Dr. Helen Czerski

Oceanographer, physicist, writer and wonderfully entertaining presenter Helen Czerski is here to tell us all about bubbles. Why are soap bubbles iridescent? Why do snails blow bubbles? What shape is water??? How do penguins use bubbles to go faster? And what is the technical reason why bubbles are a champagne connoisseur's best friend?  Helen’s fascination started with PhD research into experimental explosives, now she scuba dives to study bubble acoustics...this will be an entrancing talk, with fantastic slides.

£6/£2 Archway Methodist Church 6.30pm



a night to remember with a real life legend –  

A rock’n’Rollercoaster journey through a life lived hell-for-leather…'through my eyes'

The original rock’n’roll chick Suzi Quatro has been writing poetry all her life but no-one’s heard it -  till now! Her autobiography ‘Unzipped’ told of the music, the glamour, rock’n’roll sex and dressing room brawls; in ‘Through My Eyes’ Suzi takes us deeper under the catsuit, candidly revealing a soul-searcher bedevilled by the trials of life while kicking ass all over the world. With stories that transport you to moments in time in her legendary 50 million record-selling career, this poetry captures the essence of Suzi Quatro - through her eyes…

Suzi is joined by two of London's finest spoken word performers: 

...the ‘doyenne of the spoken word scene’ whose electrifying live performances have earned her a devoted following. She is the author of the collection ‘Fishing in the Aftermath’: and the memoir Springfield Road. Tonight she will knock you out with her stylish verses, performing some of her favourite poems alongside new material.

This ‘London Laureate’ is presenter of ‘Bang Said The Gun’, London’s leading stand up night for poets, and one of the finest herself. She performs her unique style to audiences across the UK, on TV and radio. Tonight she will rock it with some of her hilarious, down-to-earth poems from her recently published collection ‘Box Rooms’

Suzi will be followed by a fantastic band playing Rhythm & Blues tunes infused with other musical brews from the cream of London’s musicians Jonathan Gentleman-Lee, Errol Linton, Lance Rose and David Wilson

This will be a night to remember!!!

£10 Archway Tavern Nightclub 7.15pm


Saturday October 22nd

A Curious History of Ordinary Life, From Stone Age to Phone Age – Greg Jenner

Every day, we take part in rituals that are millennia old. Greg Jenner’s witty and illuminating  book reveals their astonishing origins and development. Who invented beds? When did we start cleaning our teeth? Jenner scoured Roman rubbish bins, Egyptian tombs and Victorian sewers to bring us a smorgasbord of historical delights, and reveals how we got from huddling around an open fire in animal skins to becoming the smartphone-wielding metropolitans we are today.

£6/£2 | Archway Methodist Church 1pm


an oustandingly interesting year in the history of England…Rebecca Rideal 1666

Come and see historian Rebecca Rideal’s captivating, illustrated talk  on her original archival research which takes on a thrilling journey through the year that saw not only the Great Plague, the Dutch War and the Great Fire of London, but also Newton’s discovery of Gravity, the completion of Milton’s Paradise Lost and Christopher Wren’s revolutionary architectural ideas. ‘With flare and style, "1666" exposes readers to a city and a country on the cusp of modernity and a series of events that altered the course of history

£6/£2 | Archway Methodist Church 2.30pm


Cosmogramma: Afro-Futurist Science Fiction Short Stories
– Courttia Newland

Tales of revenant apocalypse, of performers that practice body augmentation, space exploration as futuristic colonialism…Courttia Newland presents his new collection, influenced by the peoples and cultures of the African diaspora, and the concepts in Afro-Futurism. Following the theme of his previous work, each story relates to music; the title is inspired by Flying Lotus who himself was inspired by Sun-Ra, the big band jazz Godfather of Afro-Futurism. Come and hear how this master storyteller explores these compelling themes.

£6 | Archway Methodist Church 4.30pm


My name is leon – kit de Waal

A deeply touching and illuminating novel set in 1981 has caused a major stir in the world of fiction. ‘Leon’ is a mixed race boy who loves his new, white, baby brother, Jake. When his mum’s illness leads to them being fostered, it’s soon clear that Jake will be adopted in a flash, but Leon will not. Kit de Waal speaks about telling a story through the eyes of a 9 year old boy, and the personal insights she brought to bear on the book.

£6 | Archway Methodist Church 7pm


Arts & Fun Day At Archway Market


Come and ‘Take Your Cue!’...from playwright Diane Samuels and her Writing ‘Prompts’ - terrific little bits of concentrated inspiration designed to help you put pen to paper…

FREE | Archway Market 12 - 4


Join us to share your ‘Archway Tales’ in a day of Music and Drama Workshops. What do you feel about Archway? Together we’ll give life to our collective stories. Come and play!

FREE | St John's Church 12 - 4



We do this every year - it’s great fun, and a really good way to get your authory juices flowing! Bag yourself a bag of words, and then arrange them, as you please! We’ll have a Word Tombola for the young ones, and a giant display that’ll grow all day!

FREE |Archway Market 12-4


Baluji was not guided by gurus, as the traditional system assumes sight, and Baluji is totally blind. His uncommon talent, courage and hard work have led to an outstanding career performing with musicians such as Stevie Wonder, producing 5 albums and writing music for film and TV. He is a member of the paraorchestra who performed at the closing ceremony of the Paralympic games. Here he talks about his upbringing in Uttar Pradesh, and plays Sitar.

Free | St John’s Church 2.30pm

The much loved speciality stalls at Archway’s weekly market and an especially massive ‘Word On The Street’ bookstall, with quality 2nd hand books and half price new children’s books   

Additional stalls throughout the day will feature crafts, and arts information.  





MICK TWISTER telling stories five lines at a time!

Mick Twister is an unusual historian...he presents the stories of the past in the form of limericks. He’s been reporting on current affairs in limericks as @twitmericks on a daily basis since 2011 and his next book: A Right Royal History in Limericks is out next year. Come and hear his history of the world - 5 lines at a time!

Free Archway Library 3.30pm

There was an old fellow named Mick   

Who adapted the old limerick                     

To cover, with mirth                                   

The history of Earth

And what made its characters tick....

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Thank you to Reverend Timothy Bradshaw and the committee of the Archway Methodist Church for being so generous with their Worship Centre, and for their time, assistance and kindness in this endeavour.

Thank you to Cuneyt Yilmaz and the team at Archway Library.

Thank you to the team at Archway Methodist church, especially Reverend Timothy Bradshaw and Robert Alderman for their very generous kind assistance; Thank you to Reverend Karowei Dorgu and everyone at St John’s Church for their time, kindness and assistance in this endeavour.

Thank you to the trustees and staff of Hargrave Hall; to Koli, Chris, Arno and the team at Archway Tavern Nightclub Kolis; to Neil, Dennis and the team at The Kogan Academy.

Thank you to Islington Council and councillors Tim Nicholls, Kaya Comer-Schwartz and David Poyser for their contributions, to Pete Courtie, Aroha Rangi, Angeles Gordo and Tony Brown for their constant, warm, invaluable assistance.

Thank you to Aaron Fordwoh for his superb skills as AWWW production assistant, to David Wilson, taking care of sound and vision, and to Simon Allen who created this marvelous brochure and the AWWW website. 

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