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Thursday September 21st

The Return of Will Self.

When Will Self came to AWWW in 2014 he dazzled and charmed us with his reading from 'Shark', with accents and arms and everything. He said that reading a book is a creative act, took loads of questions, spoke warmly of Archway as: '...a vital part of my life story' and was very generous with his time at the book-signing. So it's fair to say we are extremely thrilled that he is returning to present his latest work 'Phone' which casts his magnificent eye over urgent contemporary concerns from the ubiquitous mobile phone to the end of privacy. You'd be daft to miss it.

7.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £10


 Picture by Justin Piperger

Picture by Justin Piperger

Friday September 22nd

A Treat for Readers of Young Adult Novels

A thrilling event with two of Britain’s most exciting authors of gripping dramas about young people. Alex Wheatle won the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize for 'Crongton Knights, one in his series of gritty books full of humour, friendship, the tests of loyalty and the trials of life on the 'Crongton' Estate. Here he presents his latest. Patrice Lawrence won the Waterstones Children's book prize for older children with her urban thriller 'Orangeboy'. Here she presents her second, equally brilliant novel 'Indigo Donut', a complex story of young characters facing agonising choices. A great opportunity to meet these important and hugely entertaining authors.

5pm | Archway Methodist Church | £5/£2 under 16s


Casting The Queen Of Crime.

The biographer of Alexander McQueen and Patricia Highsmith also writes fiction - his latest is a gloriously entertaining take on the mystery of Agatha Christie’s 11 day disappearance. It’s 1927. Christie is pulled to safety from an oncoming train. But her rescuer is a blackmailer, convinced that if Christie weren’t a novelist, she’d be a genius murderer... Agatha must use every ounce of her resourcefulness to thwart this adversary who’s determined to make her kill on his behalf…. Andrew Wilson tells us about crafting a crime novel starring the queen of crime herself.

Friday 22nd 6.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £5


A Love Letter To Littlewood

This show is an affectionate look at the maverick theatrical legend Joan Littlewood’s formative moments and the person behind the persona. Not only does writer-performer Gemskii inhabit the character of Joan with great verve and skill, she also plays Barbara Windsor and Shelagh Delaney, key players in Littlewood’s story. It’s a Joan show made Joan’s way, with songs, costumes, dances and plenty of jokes, directed by Olivier winner Oliver Senton.

Friday 22nd 7.40pm | Hargrave Hall | £5


Big Band Jazz with the WTW

Every Friday at Hargrave Hall, musicians from the WTW BIG BAND gather to practice. It’s quite a spectacle of shiny brass instruments, and a magnificent sound. Tonight they open up their doors to us, as they go through a fantastic repertoire of classic big band numbers.

Friday 22nd FREE | Hargrave Hall 9pm

wtw jazz band.jpg

Saturday 23rd September

The Mistresses of the Twist

Two supremos of bestselling page-turners are going to throw some light on how on earth they do it! Lisa Jewell wrote her first book almost 20 years ago and 14 novels later, they’re still flying off the shelves as soon as they arrive. Tina Seskis’ first self- published novel was such a massive hit that she was quickly snapped up by Penguin and now has two more under her belt. Their latest gripping stories both explore the impact of the mysterious disappearance of a loved one..come and be psychologically thrilled!!

12.30pm Sat 23rd | Archway Methodist Church | £5


From 'A' for Africa to 'A' for Archway

It's storytime with local author Ifeoma Onyefulu. Her books are a brightly lit visual tribute to Nigerian village life, illustrated with her own vibrant photographs. The first of her concept books and now in a shiny new edition, in 'A' is for Africa' Ifeoma chooses African objects and artefacts to illustrate each letter. It's a wonderful way to review the alphabet! From Beads to Drums to Masquerades, Crafts, Customs and Traditional Games, Ifeoma Onyefulu's wonderful storytelling and papercraft games will delight children and adults both.

2pm Sat 23rd | FREE | Archway Library | Sat 23rd

The Return of Harry Price - Ghost Hunter...

Authors can wait whole careers to see their stories on telly (and have readers say the book’s better…); Neil Spring had that honour with his first novel ‘The Ghost Hunters’. No wonder - it’s a deliciously creepy tale, based on the true-life story of Harry Price, a winsome skeptic who spent his life exposing fraudulent hauntings but finds himself confronted by the ‘Borley Rectory ghost’, who may well be real... Be among the first to get the sequel: ‘The Lost Village’, another brilliant chiller based on Spring’s exemplary historical research and wonderful fashioning of a great character.

3.30pm Sat 23rd | Archway Methodist Church | £5


Harriet Walter: Brutus and other Heroines

‘A part we have played is like a person we once met....’

In her celebrated  career, Harriet Walter has ‘met’ nearly all of Shakespeare’s heroines. But after playing Cleopatra’s magnificent death, where, she asks, can an actress go? For her, the solution was to take on the mature male characters, leading to her magnificent portrayals of Brutus, Prospero and Henry lV at the Donmar Warehouse. In her 2nd book exploring her art form, Walter explains the choices she made in preparing for all her Shakespeare roles, giving extraordinarily perceptive and intimate accounts which illuminate the plays and offer a treasure trove of insights. Fresh from a sellout talk at Edinburgh Book Festival, we are greatly honoured to have Harriet Walter at ArchWay With Words. This is a wonderful chance to hear and meet someone at the very top of their profession. Unmissable.

Portrait of Harriet Walter by Georgia Oetker

5pm Sat 23rd | Archway Methodist Church | £10


A Ladybird Expert Book for all ages - Climate Change

Who better to listen to about global warming than a climate scientist from the British Antarctic Survey and a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society? Dr Emily Shuckburgh is both. Here she’s joined by Dr Tony Juniper to present their clear, authoritative introduction to this complex subject. Learn about the causes and consequences of climate disruption and the benefits of new clean technologies from the most outstanding communicators in this field. With stunning projected images and a chance to ask questions, this is a must for anyone interested. (HRH was busy though...)

6.30pm Sat 23rd | Archway Methodist Church  |£5/£2 under 16s


Sunday 24th September

A bookseller, book-lover and....brolliologist!!

Marion Rankine is a bookseller, booklover and….brolliologist! Here she takes us on a tour through her beautifully illustrated and wonderfully entertaining book which looks at umbrellas through literature and history. Humans have been making, using and decorating umbrellas for millennia - -holding them over the heads of rulers and weaving their characterful selves into folk tales and novels from Martin Chuzzlewit to Mary Poppins. Come and bag the most perfect literary gift ever to rain down on us..

2pm Sun 24th | Hargrave Hall | £5


Black Masculinity, Millennials and the Meaning of Grime

It must be great to have Jeffrey Boakye as your English teacher. He’s a leading light in the UK’s #HipHop Ed movement, education blogger and now brilliant author of a personal and thrilling book that traces the roots of Grime music. Here he takes us on a journey through key tracks that make up its DNA, putting them into perspective  and examining the representation of black masculinity that goes alongside them. Funny, insightful and  lyrical, ‘Hold Tight’ is a compelling history book that’s also a DJ set...

3.15pm Sun 24th | Hargrave Hall | £5



Exhibiting Subcultures from Tokyo to Archway

Chris Low took his first photo at a punk gig at the age of ten. He then made fanzines as part of the "anarcho" punk scene in the 80s, and drummed for world-famous bands. Since then he’s had a book documenting the Tokyo punk scene published and held acclaimed exhibitions entitled “Up Yours!”  and ‘’Japanarchy’’ at the Red Gallery, in Tokyo and at the Rebellion Festival. In this special pop-up exhibition, you can look at ten years of the people and subcultures Chris has photographed in Tokyo and London. And Archway - where there’s always a good few sights…

4.30pm Sun 24th | Hargrave Hall | FREE

A deconstruction of the surrealist thriller Mulholland Drive

David Lynch’s mysterious masterpiece creates a glorious puzzle for the mind and heart of film fans. In this talk and screening, film researcher and creator of the ‘Projections’ lecture series Mary Wild will deconstruct and interpret this cinematic riddle from a psychoanalytic perspective, illuminating Lynch’s iconic dream-logic which is disturbing and beguiling in equal measure. This is a great opportunity to explore and inhabit the imaginary world of film with a captivating cinephile.

5.30pm Sun 24th | Hargrave Hall | £5


'Doctor Zipp's Amazing Octo-Com'

Dan Carrier is a rare one - lovely, clever and friendly with his finger right on the pulse. Reporting for Camden New Journal for many years, his terrific writing and interviews with both the biggest stars and the everyday folk of North London have won him many fans. His long-awaited first novel captures London at its warm-hearted and eccentric best with tales of a karaoke-barge proprietor, Kermit the Hermit of the Heath and the enigmatic ‘Doctor Zipp’, a marine biologist and ‘inter-species language expert’ who believes we have a lot to learn from octopii… This will be great fun.  

7.30pm Sun 24th | Hargrave Hall | £5


Monday 25th September

Villain In The Moomin House

On a dark and windless night in Autumn, a shadow falls on the steps of the slumbering Moominhouse… a sleepless night awaits!’’

Moomin historian Ant O’Neill has translated the last ever Moomin story written by Tove Jansson. He will lovingly read it to us accompanied by projections of rarely-seen photographs from the original picture book, taken by Tove’s brother Per Olov. A great treat for the Moomin fans of today and the future, and for anyone who likes a good story and charming illustrations.

6pm | FREE | Archway Library

Tuesday 26th September

The Good Immigrant - One Year On

The collection of essays from 21 British writers of colour discussing race and immigration in the UK has had quite a year, voted as Britain’s favourite book of 2016 and shortlisted for Book Of The Year. What next for its writers? Kieran Yates writes for Vice, NME and Dazed & Confused, co-authored 'Summer of Unrest' with Nikesh Shukla - a street-level view of the riots of 2011 and is the woman behind the extraordinary documentary 'Muslim Drag Queens'.  Wei Ming Kam works for Oberon Books and co-founded the book trade network #BAMEinPublishing with Sarah Shaffi which hosts meet ups and events for black and minority ethnic writers. Following its much celebrated success, she went on to launch #PrideinPublishing this year, providing a welcoming space for all on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Darren Chetty has ben in education for more than twenty years and is now a Teaching Fellow and Doctoral candidate at UCL. He blogs as 'rapclassroom' and is a regular and well-loved contributer to Media Diversified. These three fascinating, ultimately contemporary writers talk to us about what they’re working on now, and their thoughts on the response to TGI by readers and by the industry.

7.30pm Tues 26th | Archway Methodist Church | £5


Wednesday 27th September

Short Story Time for grown-ups from Arachne Press

Come and be transported by five of the hottest writers from Arachne press, an award-winning publisher of short story anthologies. Katy Darby is a Penguin novelist and editor, reading from ‘Stations’; Carolyn Eden, a writer and actor reads: ‘Liberty Tales’; ‘Quantum Shorts’ and the Roswell Award winner Liam Hogan reads from: ‘Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed…’; Wendy Gill is a West End librettist as well as a story writer - here she reads from: ‘Shortest Day’, and finally, the editor of Arachne Press herself, Cherry Potts reads from ‘Lover’s Lies’.

6.15pm Weds 27th| FREE | Archway Library

Thursday 28th September

Professor Steve Jones

Revolutionary Science in the Age of the Guillotine.

We are greatly honoured to present our finale event with Steve Jones: professor of genetics, regular TV and radio broadcaster, writer of popular science books and superlatively fascinating  speaker...

Paris at the time of the Revolution was the centre of world science in a sense that no other city in the world ever has been or ever will be. The metric system, the shape of the Earth, the first hints of evolution and palaeontology and - most of all - the beginnings of modern chemistry can all be traced to that era. What was unique about it was that the scientists themselves were active in politics, and many paid a high price for so doing. Lavoisier, the founder of modern chemistry was dragged before the Tribunal and sentenced to death. Someone called, bravely, from the court: "You cannot execute that man, he is a genius". The Judge's reply was "The Revolution has no need for geniuses"; the spirit of those times, and of many revolutions yet to come.

This very special event will keep us thinking till next year! But in the meantime, there’s lots and lots of books…

7.30pm Thurs 28th £7/£2 under 16s Archway Methodist Church



Some other interesting things going on...

This bit of London - an N19 sonnet treasure trail

Poet Kate Bingham doesn’t use notebooks, her work grows out of the streets she walks through every day. Puddles, spilled paint, dumped pizza boxes, thrown-away beer cans - nothing is too fleeting or abased for her attention. She has written nine sonnets inspired by places in N19. For ArchWay With Words she has posted all nine in their original location. See the map below for directions, visit each or go on a poetry treasure trail!

Kate lives in N19. Her poetry is published by Seren, has been short-listed for two Forward Prizes, and appears fairly regularly in the TLS and Spectator.

map of potry from Kate Bingham.png

Cut-Up Technique –Creative Writing For All Ages

We do this every year - it’s great fun, and a really good way to let the writer in you break loose. Bag yourself some words, and then arrange them, as you please! We have big magnetic display space and they will form a display increasing in size and curiosity throughout the day! 

FREE Archway Methodist Church SATURDAY 16th SEPTEMBER as part of NAME THE SPACE event at Squarey McSquareface, Archway 1pm - 5pm

cut up technique.jpg

 Speciality stalls at Archway Market Saturday 23rd September and every Saturday

Word On The Street will lay on an especially massive ‘Word On The Street’ bookstall, with quality 2nd hand books, half price new children’s books and The Pavement Professor's own choice of new books. Come and have a browse!  You'll also find the finest produce, speciality ingredients, street food, cakes, sweets and surprises. Open every Saturday on the corner of Holloway Road and St Johns Grove N19 5SS




Thank Yous:


Heartfelt thanks are due to many people for making AWWW2017 happen.
Here’s a few...

Thank you to Reverend Timothy Bradshaw, Robert Alderman and the committee of the Archway Methodist Church for being so generous with their Worship Centre, and for their time, assistance and kindness in this endeavour.

Thank you to Cuneyt Yilmaz and the team at Archway Library.

Thank you to the trustees and staff of Hargrave Hall

Thank you to Islington Council and councillors Janet Burgess, Tim Nicholls, Kaya Comer-Schwartz and David Poyser for their contributions, and Islington council officers Aroha Rangi, Angeles Gordo and Tony Brown for their constant, warm, invaluable assistance.

Thank you to Aaron Fordwoh for his superb skills as AWWW production assistant, to David Wilson, taking care of sound and vision, and to Simon Allen who created this marvellous brochure and the AWWW website. 

Thank you to Justin Piperger for his fantastic photography.

Thank you Charles Moran and all at Bode who are redeveloping Hill House and creating a city garden for Archway.  

Thank you to all at the Archway Town Centre Group and especially Hak Huseyin & Engin Mehmet & Jan Tucker from Absolute Print - absolute sweeties!