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Thursday October 13th

Video Strolls presents:short films by Michael Smith.

Smith is the author of several novels, but his work also explores how writing can enrich other media -  he's made an album of spoken word  & music, written and presented critically acclaimed, poetic documentaries and dozens of short films. He also directs his own films: experimental, literary pieces he likes to imagine as 'video-poems'.  Michael will introduce and talk about some of his personal favourites, as well as giving sneak previews of two new pieces'...

£5 Archway Tavern Nightclub Kolis 7pm


‘Let All The Children Boogie'

Come and dance the night away to Bowie's music on a great sound system. There will also be projections of rare Bowie footage including him performing 'Live at the Marquee -The Message From Mars Midnight Special';'Visionary Spirit';'Missing Links One Ziggy' and more. You don't have to dress up, unless you want to....

Come and boogie in Archway's nightclub! Seating, outside area, bar till 1am

£6 Archway Tavern Nightclub Kolis 9pm


Friday October 14th

Louise Doughty & Sunny Singh with their thrilling new books

The writer of 8 diverse, best-selling novels, Louise Doughty defies categorisation. ''I can only write whatever idea grips me by the throat...''Her latest is an epic thriller exploring the story of one troubled man who is more afraid of what he's already done, than the mortal danger that he's now in. Come and hear how she got gripped, and how she feels about 'Apple Tree Yard' being adapted for TV

A war photographer, famous for hauntingly beautiful pictures of the dead, checks into Hotel Arcadia to relax...on the day it is besieged by terrorists. With this cracking premise, Sunny Singh delivers not only a nail-biting thriller but a critique of the modern world's obsession with images. Here she tells us how the idea originated and developed into a plot...

£6 Archway Methodist Church 7.15pm


Jonathan Harvey - exploring social media-created celebrity...

Harvey is the multi award-winning writer of the play and film 'Beautiful Thing' and the sitcom 'Gimme Gimme Gimme'. Currently writing all sorts of terrific TV scripts, whenever there's an especially good episode of Corrie, it's Jonathan Harvey that wrote it! Amazingly, he's also found time to write hugely popular novels filled with his trademark wit, warmth and outrageous humour. Here he presents his latest, a tale that follows three teenagers over thirty years of friendship and secrets exploring the choices we make and the consequences we face...

£6 Archway Methodist Church 8.45pm



Raise The Roof With The Irish rover! – The Mother Red Cap

The cream of London's instrumentalists present an evening of traditional Irish music with some old favourites, and a few new ones... Expect to be tempted to sing along!

 FREE | The Mother Red Cap pub 10pm

Saturday October 15th

Guy Fraser-Sampson & Anne Coates mystery, murder & best-sellers

Fraser-Sampson is perhaps best known for his Mapp & Lucia books, which were all optioned by the BBC. Recently he's embarked upon detective fiction with 'Death In Profile', a contemporary murder mystery that unravels in the intriguing style of the classic whodunit and is quirky and intelligent. Meet the creator of the characters whose lives, loves and eccentricities will be developed in the second book in the series, which will feature Agatha Christie as a key witness.

Dancers in the Wind is the thrilling first crime novel from bestselling author Anne Coates. Perfect for fans of Lynda La Plante, Martina Cole and Tara Moore, it publishes 13th October 2016. Freelance journalist and single mother Hannah Weybridge is commissioned by a national newspaper to write an investigative article on the notorious red light district in Kings Cross. There she meets prostitute Princess, and a police inspector in the vice squad, Tom Jordan.


£6 Archway Methodist Church 12pm


A story to uncover the disappeared
Caroline Brothers

Award-winning human rights journalist and writer Caroline Brothers presents 'The Memory Stones', her fictionalised account of one couple's search for their 'disappeared' family, which throws new light on the atrocities of Argentina's 1980's military junta. Come and hear about Brothers' journey from being a factual foreign correspondent to a writer of lucid and poetic prose with a tremendous geographical scope that marks her out as a significant new voice in world literature.

£6 - Archway Methodist Church 1.30pm


Uprooted: On the Trail Of The Green Man
Nina Lyon

Depictions of the Green Man are all across Europe and beyond. But who or what is he? According to Nina Lyon: '...he is a sort of forest god, an emblem of the birth-death-rebirth cycle of the natural year...' 'Uprooted' is a timely, beautifully written and provocative account of the most enduring and recognisable of Britain's folk images, It's also a meditation on why these leafy heads have developed into today's cult symbols. Come and hear the amazing story of how Nina Lyon set about researching The Green Man, and met a colourful collection of characters along the way.

£6 Archway Methodist Church 3pm


The Language of Silence - Merilyn Moos

The novel 'The Language of Silence' provides a remarkable exploration of how the effects of exile continue to have a profound personal impact on following generations. Anna's parents opposed the Nazis and fled for their lives to the UK.  Anna uncovers the fate of her German extended family as she tries to piece together her parents' unspoken hidden history, in part from the files of MI5.

Free | Archway Library 3pm

Myths & mysteries in the story of epilepsy – Colin Grant

For thousands of years, people with epilepsy were thought to be cursed, were abandoned as infants, excluded from marriage and locked up in insane asylums. Neurological science has evolved, and there have been revelations that such exceptional people as Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Dostoevsky and  Emily Dickinson were sufferers, but epilepsy itself is still mysterious. Colin Grant's brother Christopher developed the condition at a young age, so Grant's captivating research is interwoven with a moving memoir of his life. Here Grant reveals the myths, science and history in the story of epilepsy.

£6 | Archway Methodist Church 4.30pm   GET TICKETS HERE

Reverend Richard Coles - The wheat & Chaff of years as a priest

After a life of sex and drugs and the Communards - brilliantly recounted in the highly acclaimed 'Fathomless Riches', the Reverend Richard Coles went on to devote his life to God and Christianity. He is also a much-loved broadcaster, presenting SATURDAY LIVE on Radio 4 and PAUSE FOR THOUGHT on Radio 2. Come and hear this wonderfully wise and witty man reveal his unique insights into daily experience in the ministry, as told in the 2nd volume of his autobiography 'Bringing In The Sheaves', rich with all the joy, drama, difficulty and humour which life serves up.

£7 Archway Methodist Church 6.00pm    GET TICKETS HERE

Investigating the peculiar...Christopher Fowler

Meet the multi award-winning author of the Bryant & May novels that feature 'The Peculiar Crime Unit' and its two endearing detectives who have sneaked well past the statutory retirement age. These books have charmed legions of fans, recently being described at Crimefest as ''one of the best things ever to flow from the pen of a British Crime Writer...'' Here Christopher gives us insights into his craft from creating well-drawn characters to building suspense, In conversation with Guy Fraser-Sampson.

£7 Archway Methodist Church 7.45pm