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saturday 14th September

Three events at the Archway Methodist Church…

Carl Cattermole, Caitlin Davies & Erika Flowers

Many rebellious women have been locked up in Holloway. In ‘Bad Girls, a History of Rebels & Renegades’, historian and author Caitlin Davies tells their stories and gives us a fascinating look at how disobedient, defiant women changed not only the prison service, but the course of history. Caitlin is joined by Carl Cattermole, a young ex-inmate and legal reform campaigner who shared cells with gangsters, drug addicts and psychopaths. His book: 'Prison, a Survival Guide' is an emotional, funny and practical resource for prisoners and gives essential insights into the UK criminal justice system. Erika Flowers is a visual artist who has given an honest insight into a world that few ever get to see or experience.

This event is a benefit to buy books for prisoners. All ticket sales will be used to buy books through Haven Distribution and Books Beyond Bars.

Saturday 14th | 2.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £5

Andi Oliver & Hardeep Singh Kohli

Apologies, due to circumstances outside their control Hardeep and Andi have had to postpone this event. We’ll keep you updated!

Come and meet celebrated chef, restaurateur and broadcaster Andi Oliver in conversation with her old friend Hardeep Singh Kohli, talking about their shared passion for cooking. This summer Andi added to her amazing TV roster becoming the host of ‘Beat the Chef’ and took over the courtyard of Somerset House to host ‘WADADLI Nights’: a culinary weekend cooking and playing tracks shoulder to shoulder with Neneh Cherry. Hardeep Singh Kohli comes fresh from splitting the sides of Edinburgh Festival audiences. A keen amateur cook, he reached the final of Celebrity Masterchef and wrote the wonderfully entertaining food travelogue: ‘Indian Takeaway’. A feast of foody entertainment.

Saturday 14th | 4pm | Archway Methodist Church |£10

Suresh Singh: Memoirs of a Cockney Sikh

In this wonderful book published by Spitalfields Life, Suresh Singh tells the story of his family who have lived in their house in Princelet St for nearly seventy years. Suresh Singh tells the candid and sometimes surprising story of his father Joginder Singh who came to Spitalfields in 1949. Joginder sacrificed a life in the Punjab to work in Britain and send money home, yet he found himself in his element living among the mishmash of people who inhabited the streets around Brick Lane. Born and bred in London, his son Suresh became the first Punjabi punk, playing drums for Spizzenergi and touring with Siouxsie & the Banshees. Chapters of enthralling biography are alternated with a series of Sikh recipes by Jagir Kaur, Suresh’s wife.

Saturday 14th | 6pm | Archway Methodist Church | £5

Bill Paterson reads Ivor Cutler & the World Premiere of Ivor’s play: ‘The Fleas’

Local and national treasure Bill Paterson (Yes, young'uns, its Fleabag's dad..) is a devotee and was an old friend of Ivor Cutler, the legendary poet, songwriter and humorist. In this wonderful, special and unique event, Bill will perform some of Ivor's work, including a reading of the World Premiere of Ivor’s play ‘The Fleas’. Come and hear tales of this noted eccentric who was, in his own words: 'Never knowingly understood'... 

Saturday 14th 7.30pm | Nightclub Kolis above Archway Tavern | £10/£7

sunday 15th September

Three film-based events in Hargrave Hall…

‘The Ponds’ film, with Patrick McLennan + readings from ‘At the Pond’ with Ava Wong Davies & Esther Freud

Come and see the hour-long version of Patrick McLennan and Samuel Smith’s magical film 'The Ponds’. In a world of constant flux and chaos, it's almost a shock to discover some experiences remain natural, unhurried and unchanged. In the middle of metropolitan London lies Hampstead Heath, 320 hectares of forest, parkland, wildlife plus three swimming ponds. People swim in them all year round, whatever the weather, just as they did in the time of Keats and Constable. Their cameras filmed the swimmers over 12 months as they swam, laughed, sang, complained, ruminated, philosophised and simply sought respite from all that life threw at them. The event will also feature readings from the new book: 'At the Pond', which captures the reminiscences of writers who love the women's pond, with Ava Wong Davies and Esther Freud.

Sunday 15th | 4pm | Hargrave Hall | £7

Tony Warner - African Superheroes in animated films and comics

Tony Warner is a historian, researcher and founder of Black History Walks which hosts walks, talks and films on the African history of London. Last year at AWWW Tony presented an enthralling talk about the true African History in the film Black Panther that was talked about for months afterwards. He returns this year with a presentation about animations and comics which feature a variety of African-themed cartoons and authentic black history. Come and hear tales of Magical Nigerian women warriors, Anansi the West African Folk Hero, The story of Ogun and Oshun, Princess Komi, Teenage black superheroes and more. Come and be fascinated and entertained...

Sun 15th 6pm | Hargrave Hall | £5; Under 16s FREE

Mary Wild: Surrealist Cinema

As the critic René Gardies observed in 1968, film is: “a privileged instrument de-realising the world, providing alchemical tools for transforming reality.’’ In this lecture, Mary Wild will explore the overlap between the psychoanalytic method and surrealist cinema – two disciplines that insist on the supremacy of the unconscious, working through absurd dream logic, calling out the banality and hypocrisy of so-called civilised society. Studying works by filmmakers inc Luis Buñuel, Věra Chytilová, David Lynch, Guy Maddin, Jan Švankmajer and Maya Deren, the proposition is that surrealism is a revolutionary anti-art much like the psychoanalytic process, unlocking the mind’s creative potential by overcoming repression.

Sunday 15th | 8pm | Hargrave Hall | £5

Monday 16th September

Lisa Jewell presents her latest bestseller

Million copy bestselling author Lisa Jewell weaves thrilling twisty tales in book after book. Her latest novel opens in a large house in London’s fashionable Chelsea: a baby is awake in her cot. Well-fed and cared for, she is happily waiting for someone to pick her up. But in the kitchen lie…. three decomposing corpses. And close to them is a hastily scrawled note… Come and hear Lisa read and talk about how she copes with thinking of all these stories that make her readers gasp aloud.

Monday 16th | 6.30pm | Archway Library | FREE

Dynamic Life Drawing: The Divine Comedy

The medium of life drawing theatre is a unique type of interactive storytelling. This performance of sonnets from The Divine Comedy, narrated by Paul McGill, will give you the opportunity to create your own storyboard of sketches whilst the actors remain in pose for several minutes at time throughout their performance. The story will unfold in the opulent setting of Heads and Tails (1 min walk from Archway tube). When you arrive sketchpads will be waiting for you in your chairs. Two models will perform during the reading and hold a fixed pose for 5 to 10 mins at various intervals. You don't need to be an artist or have any prior knowledge of The Divine Comedy, just listen and watch, then just add your own interpretation in pencil, you may surprised by the results…

A Byebyeblues event.

Monday 16th 7.15pm | Heads & Tails Hairdressers N19 3JH | £10

Tuesday 17th September

Waqas Ahmed: ‘The Polymath’: unlocking the power of human versatility

Every human is born with multifarious potential. Why then, do we insist on restricting our talents and interests to 'specialise' in just one? We've been sold a myth. Following exchanges with historians, philosophers and scientists, Waqas Ahmed has weaved together a narrative of history that takes us from 1st-century China to pre-Renaissance Africa; seventeenth-century Sweden; twentieth-century India, and every continent and time period between. He sets out a cognitive journey towards reclaiming your innate polymathic state, and proposes nothing less than a cultural revolution in our education and professional structures, whereby everyone is encouraged to express themselves in multiple ways and fulfil their many-sided potential.

Tuesday 17th | 7.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £5

‘London Undercurrents‘ with Joolz & Hilaire + Debra Watson & Mary Dickins

Local poet Joolz Sparkes and Battersea based poet Hilaire bring you excerpts from ‘London Undercurrents’, with tales of Islington women, real and imagined and their counterparts south of the river. Meet explorer Mary Kingsley, a punk going to see the Sex Pistols, a suffragette in prison, Charlotte Despard, Price’s Candles factory workers, lady cyclists…; their project connects women of the past to women of the present through a rich thread of poetical comment. Following is Debra Watson, who will be performing poetry from her collection ‘Laments & Incantations’ (2019), with musical accompaniment by Finnish musician, Henni Linnea. Joining these poets is AWWW favourite Mary Dickins performing poems such as: ‘How to Do Your Bucket List on the Cheap’ from her first anthology of poems about to be published by Burning Eye Books

Tuesday 17th | 7.30pm | Northern Soul Bar | £5

Dead Man's Party in Victorian Garden Cemeteries

The perception of cemeteries is transforming from morbid and solemn, to celebratory and inclusive as cemeteries endeavour to become places of community, connection and joy. In this talk, Dr Romany Reagan will offer perspectives on what cemeteries meant to their communities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries – and today as spaces of ‘mortality mediation’. Building upon research from cemetery historians, mixed-use case studies, dark tourism, and her own research within Abney Park cemetery, Reagan will explore the diverse, secular practices within cemeteries today – and the future of navigating these practices within communities..

A Byebyeblues event

Tuesday 17th | 7.30pm | Lost Boy’s Pizza | £10

Wednesday 18th September

‘A Country to Call Home’: Lucy Popescu, Patrice Lawrence & Sita Brahmachari

From the editor of A Country of Refuge, Lucy Popescu comes an anthology of stories, flash fiction, poetry and original artwork from some of our finest children’s writers on one of the defining issues of our time. Focusing on the fate of refugee children and young adults, there are tales of home and missing it; poems about dangerous journeys and life in refugee camps; stories about prejudice, but also stories of children’s fortitude, their dreams and aspirations. It implores us to build bridges, not walls and is intended as a reminder of our shared humanity, seeking to challenge the negative narratives that so often cloud our view of vulnerable young people, and prevent us from giving them the empathy they deserve.

Wednesday 18th | 6.15pm | Archway Library | FREE

Polari Pop-Up: Paul Burston, Sophia Blackwell, Polis Loizou, Angela Chadwick

The fabulous literary salon Polari comes to Archway with founder Paul Burston. He will present his latest novel: ‘The Closer I Get’ - a chillingly relevant and twisty psychological thriller. Joining Paul are three writers from the Polari Prize longlists: Sophia Blackwell with her latest poetry collection The Other Woman, exploring connections, relationships and journeys; Poliz Loizou presents ‘Disbanded Kingdom’ which follows 22 year old Oscar looking for love and meaning in London; and Angela Chadwick with her thriller ‘XX’ which tells the story of a lesbian couple who discover a new way to have a baby together.. This promises to be an evening of literary excellence and entertainment. 

Wednesday 18th | 8.15pm | Nightclub Kolis | £5

Joanne Harris presents: ‘The Strawberry Thief’

The cherished author Joanne Harris has been writing the story of Vianne Rocher and her daughters, Anouk and Rosette since her novel Chocolat charmed audiences worldwide and was made into a blockbuster film starring Juliette Binoche. Her latest novel 'The Strawberry Thief', the 4th in the series, catches up with them, settled down in the French village of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes. The place that once rejected Vianne has finally become her home. But when old Narcisse, the florist, dies, leaving a parcel of land to Rosette and a written confession to Reynaud, the life of the sleepy village is once more thrown into disarray… A huge treat for Archway!

Joanne will be in conversation with David Whiteman the author of: 'A Cure for Solitude' set in Prague. 

Wednesday 18th | 7.15pm | Archway Methodist Church | £10/£6

Thursday 19th September

John Healy: ‘The Metal Mountain’

After surviving a violent childhood, at 16, John Healy was a national amateur boxing champion and also a chronic alcoholic. Pressed into the army he went AWOL and unrecaptured was transferred to a penal battallion. After discharge he spent 15 spent violent years in a wino jungle. Under a medieval vagrancy laws where begging carried a mandatory orison sentence of between one to three years. During one prison stretch one a fellow inmate known as Harry the Fox taught him to play chess. He stopped drinking an won ten major British chess tournaments. In exhibitions John could play 30 opponents simultaneously and four games whilst wearing a blindfold. Eventually he wrote his memoir the Grass Arena which won the J R Ackerley award, Europe’s top prize for autobiography. Almost universally acclaimed it was adopted for film and the book and the film have over a dozen major international awards. This year his novel The Metal Mountain was finally published, which tells the story of Bridget Kelly who comes to live in post-war Kentish Town, and her nephew Michael, who is on a quest to keep ‘the metal mountain’, a mighty scrap heap. ‘A novel of vivid scenes poetical and mythical coupled with a sensuality of Rococo painting...’ As Dan Carrier put it: ‘John Healy’s work is at the pinnacle of memoir and fiction, his power as a storyteller should be celebrated - but also his role should not be overshadowed by the fact that he has a captivating way with words which shines through the pages of this beautifully lyrical novel. ‘

Come and hear a reading from this amazing new book and meet the man himself.

Thursday 19th | 6.30pm | Archway Methodist Church  | £5

Living in the Antarctic, how people and animals solve the problems.

Professor Lloyd Peck conducts world-leading research and expeditions to the hostile, frozen continent. He leads a dedicated, innovative team of polar biologists evaluating how species have adapted to live in the coldest, driest, windiest, most isolated place on earth. Antarctica harbours some of the most amazing creatures on the planet and is a natural laboratory for studying biodiversity, evolution and unique ecosystems. In this presentation this pre-eminent zoologist will enlighten us, with interactive demonstrations and stunning video.

Thursday 19th | 8pm | Archway Methodist Church  | £5

Friday 20th September

John Hegley at Archway Children’s Library

John Hegley presents some of his wonderfully entertaining poems for children. Expect a humorous and very interactive event featuring animals, people, aaaand potatoes...for age 7 and beyond.

Friday 20th | 4pm | Archway Library | FREE

John Hegley: Overneath the Arches

The poet, comic, songwriter and glasses-wearer John Hegley willalso be performing in the evening. John is an AWWW favourite, embroiling Archway audiences in guillemot impressions, captivating and cracking them up. This year he showcases a selection of his seriously funny, cleverly comic poems on everything from love, family, France, art and the seaside….dogs, dads, gods, taxidermy, carrots, spectacles and of course…poetatoes!

Friday 20th 7.30pm | Nightclub Kolis | £10/£6

Everybody can write… Crisis Charity Shop Junction Road

Throughout the festival there will be a dedicated space in Crisis Charity Shop. Ever fancied writing? Come and be inspired by our prompts and nudges, then on Friday after closing there will be an informal sharing. And a few nibbles…

Saturday - Friday all day the Friday 20th | Crisir Charity Shop | 6.30pm | FREE

Anthony Joseph, with guests Yaa Asantewa & Muneera Pilgrim

Anthony Joseph is a Trinidad-born poet, novelist, academic and musician who has been referred to as ‘the leader of the black avant garde in Britain.’ His seven critically acclaimed albums blend Afro-Caribbean music, free jazz and funk. In this event he will present his most recent book: ‘Kitch’, a fictional biography of calypso icon Lord Kitchener. Muneera Pilgrim is an international poet, writer and one half of the Muslim female duo Poetic Pilgrimage. She will share a selection of her poetry. Yaa Asentewa, editor of Way Wive Wordz Publishing and the author of ‘A Folkloric Biography of a Guyanese Elder’ will read excerpts from ‘Elijah’ and poems from her collection: ‘The Awakening’.

Programmed by Nicole Rachelle Moore of New Beacon Books and the George Padmore institute

Photo of Anthony Joseph by Naomi Woddis

Friday 20th | 7.30 | St John’s Church | £7/£5 

Saturday 21st September

Grand Finale! Four events with brilliant speakers plus an all-dayer…

Deirdre Shanahan presents: ‘Caravan of the Lost and Left Behind’

A debut novel from short story writer Deirdre Shanahan: ‘Caravan of the Lost and Left Behind’ is about becoming un-anchored, the disturbance when you're wrenched out of your environment, and the need for a home and belonging. Deirdre will read extracts and tell us about how she went about researching this captivating tale. ‘Eva takes her teenage son Torin away from petty crime and gang violence in London to the safest place she knows: her father's caravan in Ireland…’

Saturday 21st 12.30pm | Archway Library | FREE

Colin Grant presents: Homecoming - Voices of the Windrush Generation

Historian, biographer and author Colin Grant is an AWWW favourite, having presented three books to rapt AWWW audiences. His latest book draws on over 100 1st-hand interviews, archival recordings and memoirs by the women and men who came to Britain from the West Indies between the late ‘40s and early ‘60s. We hear from nurses in Manchester; bus drivers in Bristol; seamstresses in Birmingham; teachers in Croydon; dockers in Cardiff; inter-racial lovers in High Wycombe, and Carnival Queens in Leeds. These are stories of hope and regret, of triumphs and challenges, brimming with humour, anger and wisdom. Together, they reveal a rich tapestry of Caribbean British lives. Homecoming is an unforgettable portrait of a generation, which brilliantly illuminates an essential and much-misunderstood chapter of our history.

Sat 21st 2pm | Archway Methodist Church | £5

Hallo Robot - meet your new workmate and friend...

From dolls to industrial workers, Bennie Mols and Nieske Vergunst reveal the history of robots and how they have developed over time, how they see, feel and act. They also point to the future: robots already sort our fruit and vegetables and make our cars, but soon they could be cleaning our homes, teaching our children and keeping our parents company in old age. In this fascinating talk Bennie and Nieske will reveal how mobile artificial intelligence could rescue survivors from collapsed buildings, and boost the fight against hunger and pollution. They will also look at what robots learn about human speech, why evolution designs the best robots and ask if rogue robots can take over the world..

What the future holds: 2100, a Robot Odyssey...

Saturday 21st 4.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £5

Francesca Martinez and Raoul Martinez in conversation

If you grow up in a world where wrinkles are practically illegal, going bald is cause for a mental breakdown, and women over size zero are encouraged to shoot themselves, what the hell do you do if you’re, gasp … DISABLED? Whatever body you’re born into, the pressure to be normal is everywhere. But have you ever met a normal person? What the **** does normal mean anyway? AWWW presents the award-winning comedian Francesca Martinez, with her funny, personal, and universal story of how she learned to stick two shaky fingers up to the crazy expectations of a world obsessed with being ‘normal’. Joining his sister is philosopher, artist and filmmaker Raoul Martinez presenting his powerful new book which questions our very understanding of the meaning of freedom. Drawing together findings and ideas from neuroscience, criminology, psychology, politics, climate science, economics, and philosophy, ‘Creating Freedom’ constructs a radical framework to make sense of the world and empower us to change it. Set to be an entertaining, thought provoking, truly memorable evening.
This venue is on the 1st floor with 25 steps but has a stair-lift for wheelchair users and anyone else. If you need this, it would be helpful if you could arrive a half hour before the start time to ensure we can accommodate everybody. Do get in touch with any questions:

Sat 21st 6pm | Archway Methodist Church | £10/£6

Archway’s Got Talent: music & poetry (no judges!) + Dress-Up, Wordplay…

Archway Market presents an all-day event in Navigator Square featuring a day of performances from musicians and poets from N19. (Want to join in? Drop us a line!) There’s also the return of PropPlay and their Dressing-Up Box, ‘Cut-Up’ Word-Play for grown-ups and bambinos plus the chance to make a whirligig.. 

Saturday 21st | 12pm - 4pm | Archway Market at Navigator Square | FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Speciality stalls at Archway Market Saturday 21st and every Saturday!

Word On The Street will lay on an especially massive ‘Word On The Street’ bookstall, with new books only £5, £4, and even £3 plus half price children’s books and a curated selection of quality 2nd hand books: 2 for a fiver. Come and have a browse!  You'll also find the finest cheeses, charcuterie and produce, street food & cakes, pictures,vinyl, jewellery, clothes, bric-a-brac  and surprises. Open every Saturday 10 - 5 Navigator Square right by Archway tube station. 

Cut-Up Technique –Creative Writing For All Ages

We do this every year - it’s great fun, and a really good way to let the writer in you break loose. Bag yourself some words, and then arrange them, as you please! We have big magnetic display space and they will form a display increasing in size and curiosity throughout the day! 

PropPlay: Create a new character from our dressing-up and prop boxes!