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Saturday September 22nd

We kick off with three free events in Archway Library!

'Subjunctive Moods' with Catherine Menon

CG Menon reads from her collection of short stories featuring her prize-winning writing alongside recent work. A ghostly aunt causes trouble... a sea-monster yearns for secrets confound two widows.... Such are the stories in Subjunctive Moods, based around tiny moments of missed connection and of realisation: the heartbeats by which we all grow up. Catherine will also talk about her writing and how she put together this marvellous collection.

Sat 22nd 12pm | Archway Library | FREE

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'Alice Took A Detour' with Karen Georghiou

Continue your journey into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland with this charming collection of bite-size stories and poems full of humour, wit and word play. Karen Georghiou had an episode of psychosis at 17, which led to an obsession with the classic children's book. She takes a darker perspective, extending the story around psychology and philosophy, brimming with fanciful imagery and fresh ideas. This collection is every-day self exploration at its most liberating making for a thoughtful read that will appeal to adults.

Sat 22nd 1.30pm | Archway Library |FREE




'Save Korean Dogs' with Madeline Warren

In many Asian countries dogs are killed to provide food as a human delicacy and for their supposed medicinal qualities. South Korea is unique in that it is the only country that farms dogs for this reason, and the dogs are kept in particularly cruel conditions. Madeline Warren works with a Korean charity, Save Korean Dogs, which campaigns for better legislation, and also closes down the dogmeat farms. She will talk about Koreans’ changing attitudes to dogs, and hopes for the future.

Sat 22nd3pm | Archway Library | FREE





Sunday September 23rd

The film 'Black Panther''s true African history and the books that prove it... 

Millions have seen and loved Black Panther but not realised the film references real African history. In this interactive audio-visual presentation, historian Tony Warner will reveal actual black history in the film. African female soldiers ancient and modern, black female generals, Africa’s real vibranium,  black female inventors, ancient African writing systems that are not hieroglyphs, dress, design and architecture, African spiritual systems, African leaders that started real revolutions... An enthralling and fascinating talk about actual black history disguised in 1960s comics and 21st century movies , suitable for adults, children, teachers, students, nerds, Pan Africanists and of course...Black Panther fans...

Sun 23rd 3pm | Hargrave Hall | £7/£5

The Bomb Factory presents an exhibition and reading: 'A Portable Hole'

The Bomb Factory Art Foundation presents 'A Portable Hole', a group exhibition focusing on holes, mazes and labyrinths as well as escape routes, things to escape from and the state of escape. It will feature sculpture, video works and painting. For this special ArchWay With Words event, writer Sejal Chad will perform a reading of her work relating to the themes in the show. The show will continue until 14th October 2018 open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm

A Portable Hole is part of The Artlicks Weekend 2018 5th-7th October 2018

Sun 23rd5.30pm | The Bomb Factory | FREE

Hargrave Hall Film Club presents: 'Offside'

Once a month the Hargrave Hall Film Club screen a free movie. For the festival they have chosen an Iranian comedy called 'Offside' which tells the story of a girl who disguises herself as a boy so that she can watch the Iran team play a World Cup qualifying match, forbidden by law for girls. This likeable, gentle and charming film about young women football fanatics disguised as boys, doing their darnedest to defy the all-male rule, was inspired by the director's daughter, who did just that.

 Offside, 2006, 1hr 33mins, Director: Jafar Panahi, Iran, PG certificate. 

Sun 23rd 7pm | Hargrave Hall | FREE

Monday 24th September

Candy Gourlay presents 'Is it a Mermaid?'

Candy Gourlay presents her book, 'Is It A Mermaid?' When Benjie and Bel find a strange creature on a tropical beach they know it's a dugong. But the dugong insists she is a beautiful mermaid and to prove it, she shows them her mermaid's tail and sings them a mermaid song. The children aren't convinced but they play with their new friend all the same. When it's time for her to go back to sea, there is one surprise left - could she be a mermaid after all? Candy will read from her book and also run a lovely story-building exercise with the audience. Age 3 - 7s

Monday 24th 4.30pm | Archway Library | FREE

Rosie Wilby: 'Is Monogamy Dead?' Rethinking relationships in the 21st Century

Comedian Rosie Wilby presents highlights from her standup show Is Monogamy Dead? which eventually became her award-shortlisted book of the same name. A mix of memoir and humorous sociology, Is Monogamy Dead? details Rosie's personal quest – from performing stand-up at a sex party to celebrating her deepest platonic friendships – to find out why Western society is clinging to a concept that is laden with assumption and ambiguity. She also looks at the insights we gain about instinctive male and female behaviours from studying same-sex partnerships.  

Monday 24th 6.30pm | Archway Library | FREE

Colin Stuart - Mission to Mars - a voyage of discovery to the Red Planet

Humans will soon make their first trip to Mars. How? What challenges will they have to overcome and what spectacular sights will await the successful? Colin Stuart is a science writer who has a fellowship with the Royal Astronomical Society and an asteroid named after him. He comes to Archway with a scintillating talk with stunning visuals and the latest scientific thinking about the forthcoming human mission to Mars, taking us on a journey to the Red Planet to witness the majesty of the Martian sunset. Strap in and find out what is truly out of this world!

Monday 24th7.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £7/£5

Tuesday 25th September

Professor Jim Al-Khalili: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: hopes, fears and opportunities

Professor Jim Al-Khalili, the theoretical physicist whose many broadcasts include Radio 4’s ‘The Life Scientific’, is coming to talk to us about what the future might hold due to advances in AI. Fridges that tell the supermarket you’re out of milk sounds practical, but what are the ethical implications of fully immersive virtual reality or of AI-controlled ‘smart’ cities? And what might the military do with an invisibility cloak? A wonderful opportunity to meet this outstanding scientist and author and the man at the helm of Radio 4's The Life Scientific.

Tues 25th 6.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £10/£7

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris presents: The Butchering Art

Surgeons are miracle-workers – but it was not always so. In ‘The Butchering Art’, medical historian Lindsey Fitzharris recreates the turning point when pioneering British surgeon Lister transformed the harrowing practice of pre-anaesthetic surgery undertaken by unwashed hands into the vaunted profession we know today. Dr Lindsey Fitzharris, the wonderfully engaging author of the hugely popular The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice and presenter of the ‘Under The Knife’ youtube series comes to Archway to launch her book in paperback. Unmissable.

Tues 25th 8.15pm | Archway Methodist Church | £8/£7

Wednesday 26th September

Crafternoon at Archway Library

Come and join in a craft activity focusing on Archway. We will be making flowers out of recycled and junk materials to put in Archway's planter phoneboxes at the top of Holloway Road and outside the library. Have some creative fun and make your mark!  

Weds 26th 4.30pm | Archway Library | FREE

Meera Syal and Tanika Gupta - Queens of Drama in conversation

Great friends for many years, these two amazing women are coming to Archway to talk to us about their work. Meera Syal is beloved as the comedian and actress who co-penned and acted in the TV favourites the Kumars at No. 42 and Goodness Gracious Me; she has published three wonderful novels, and regularly writes and performs her scripts most recently for the NHS is 70 celebrations at The Old Vic and at The Edinburgh Festival. Tanika Gupta has written over 20 stage plays that have been produced in major theatres across the Uk; most recently she won the James Tait Black Prize for her glorious and deeply personal play Lions and Tigers about her great-uncle Dinesh Gupta who was a freedom fighter in India. She is also a prolific writer for radio and screen and adapted Meera Syal's novel Anita and Me for the stage. This is a very special and rare chance to hear from and meet these exceptional writers.  

Weds 26th 7pm | Archway Methodist Church | £10/£7

'The Crimson Word' presents: The Empire of Fluff

Poetry, Music & Song charting the Dark Heart of Terra Infirma

In a world of materiality and nostalgia, join some of London’s finest wordsmiths and dreamers map an alternative, shifting ‘Empire of Fluff’. A world of  poetry, music and song, charting impermanence and pleasure. A ' Terra Infirma' of desires fulfilled and passions thwarted; where pessimism and hopeless romanticism  exist simultaneously in the abstracted present. Let us commandeer your hearts, your minds and your senses. Featuring Debra Watson, Winter James, Mad Pirvan, Naomi Wood and Peter Doolan with Hen Ni Linnea on violin and ukulele. Private 1-2-1 intimate readings available after the show. 

Weds 26th 8.30pm | Northern Soul Bar | £5

Thursday 27th September

Lily Bailey presents: 'Because We Are Bad, OCD and a girl lost in thought'

Apologies - Lily has had to cancel this event due to unforeseen circumstances.

Viv Albertine presents: 'To Throw Away Unopened'

With her 1st book, punk pioneer Viv Albertine shook up the memoir genre as defiantly as you might expect, with a searingly honest tale of those times, an unflinching account of her own life and troubled relationships. Her 2nd book’s title comes from the cover of her mother’s diary, that Viv after her death. But she did open it...and found within descriptions of her rebel self and secrets about her family. This is great opportunity to hear from Viv herself about her latest literary award-nominated memoir that ‘is essentially about rage and being an outsider’

Thurs 27th 8pm | Archway Methodist Church  | £8/£5

Paul Burston presents: 'The Black Path'

Paul Burston, curator and host of the award-winning and wildly popular LGBT literary salon Polari comes to Archway to talk about his first crime novel, 'The Black Path'. A dark tale of love and lies, obsession and betrayal, this page-turner will appeal to fans of 'domestic noir' and anyone who's ever wondered about the secrets people keep... Paul will also touch on his previous four novels and tell stories of some of his favourite nights at the Polari Literary Salon

Thurs 27th 9.30pm | The Oak & Pastor pub | FREE

Friday 28th September

The launch of Global Origins Theatre Company

Are you an international or diasporic theatre-maker or interested in becoming one? Join Global Origins Theatre who will host a relaxed group discussion about the experience of being an international artist working in the UK and provide interactive theatre workshop activities. Global Origins is a new theatre company offering networking sessions and a platform for foreign artists in London. Come and meet them and some fellow international makers for this hour-long session, followed by drinks at a local pub! 🌍

Friday 28th 4pm | Hargrave Hall | FREE

An evening of local talent starting with the WTW Big Band

Hargrave Hall presents an evening of music and singing from talented folk in Archway! We start with the WTW big band - a fabulous array of shiny brass instruments with their brilliant players presenting classic big band numbers. Then we have a local choir singing a mixture of songs and then it's over to you. If you are a musician/singer who'd like to do a turn, get in touch (Home Page, top right corner) and we'll try to fit you in!

Friday 28th 7.30pm | Hargrave Hall | FREE

Saturday 29th September

Grand Finale! All-day activities, creatings, performances & local history.

Our grand finale is an all day event  at Archway Market in Navigator Square featuring a wealth of things to do and get involved with. There's creative writing fun for all ages with a 'Write A New Limerick' workshop with limerick maestro Mick Twister who is the twitter legend @twitmericks ; a word tombola for the bambinos, 'cut up' poetry and a live story-making session with PropPlay and their Dressing-Up Box! You can make and decorate a shaker; there's bunting -making fun, all day there will be musicians popping up, and at 5pm there'll be a big group singalong!

+ the launch of local history project Archway Re/Visited &

The Big Golden Oldie Singalong!!!

Saturday 29th | Archway Market at Navigator Square | FREE

Archway Re/Visited

We will also be launching the exciting new local history project: Archway Re/Visited in collaboration with the hugely popular facebook group started by John Leo Waters. We will be gathering as many interesting images and stories as we can lay our hands on, and we want to hear your memories of old Archway too. The project will result in a website packed with pictures and stories about the amazingly rich history of Archway and recordings of interviews with our older folk and oldish folk and younger folk and - well, anyone with a memory of Archway as it was and how it has evolved over the years. 

Come and see images from Archway's past, hear some stories of local history, tell us your memories of old Archway and meet with other people who enjoy talking about dear old Archway in our retro-themed gathering with tea & biccies!

Saturday 29th 12pm - 4pm | Archway Market at Navigator Square & Archway Methodist Church Octagon Room | FREE

We've also got local history walking tours and fascinating talks... see below - & don't forget the big group singalong at 5pm!

'Ask Elizabeth' - 90 Years in Islington

Elizabeth Jones has lived 90 years in the borough of Islington and has been witness to its fascinating changes over that time. As a young woman, Elizabeth opened her own little grocery shop, and was one of the first ever retailers to use the new-fangled cling film, and to install a refrigerator. She knows what buildings were here before they got bombed, and what Archway was like before they built the big tower. In 1980, a random accident dislodged her retinas, and she lost most of her vision. It turned her life upside down, but her indomitable spirit kept her going and she went on to found and manage the monthly audio newspaper: 'Talking News Islington', which recently celebrated it's 100th edition. A wonderful blast from the past with the vitally present Elizabeth Jones. What would you like to know about life in the old days? 

Saturday 29th 11.30am | Archway Library | FREE

Local History Walks with Jen Pedler & Jane Parker from Footprints of London

Jane Parker and Jen Pedler are among Islington's finest tour guides – there's not much about the borough they don't know, having spent decades observing and absorbing its rich history and how it has evolved over the years, passing on its stories on their hugely popular guided walks. Today they will be conducting hour long circular tours of the Archway area – Jen will go North and Jane will go South. Come and find out about historic buildings, bygone businesses, ghost-signs, monuments, animals, entertainment and a few famous names – there is so much to learn!

All tours start from Jane's greeting card stall at Archway Market, Navigator Square. Schoolchildren must be accompanied by an adult. 

North with Jen: 11am, 12.30pm, 2pm, 3.30pm | South with Jane: 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm, 4pm | £4 pay on the day | Under 5s free

Saturday 29th September

Dermot Kavangh presents: ‘Different Class - Football, Funk & Fashion’

The biography of Laurie Cunningham

Laurie Cunningham was the first black footballer to play professionally for England in a time when bananas thrown at players were common. But as well as being 'the greatest talent since George Best', he also had his finger on the cultural pulse and wanted to talk about fashion, music and cinema. A huge fan of funk and dancing, he was known for his outstandingly stylish suits. Dermot Kavanagh’s ‘Different Class’ is a terrific football biography that was shortlisted for Sports Biography of the Year, that is also a marvellously entertaining and important story of this son of Jamaican immigrants, who grew up poor in North London to become an important figure in the tapestry of late-20th-century England, bringing glamour to the game of football, winning over hostile crowds with his style and swagger and paving the way for a new generation of black footballers. 

Saturday 29th 1pm | Archway Methodist Church | £4

The History of The Irish in London with Dr Tony Murray

Dr Murray is the Curator of the Archive of the Irish in London and director of the Irish Writers in London summer school. Here he comes to speak to us about the history of the Irish in Archway and surrounding areas, with tales of the navigators who built our railways, the women who nursed us at the Whittington, the Irish Dancehall and the social life around Archway. A great chance to ask questions of the foremost expert in this field.

Saturday 29th2.15pm | Archway Methodist Church | £4

'The Language of Kindness - a nurses story'.

Christie Watson was a nurse for twenty years. Taking us from birth to death and from A&E to the mortuary, The Language of Kindness is an astonishing account of a profession defined by acts of care, compassion and kindness. In the year in which we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS, The Language of Kindness is set to be one of 2018’s most urgent, most talked about and best-loved books.

Saturday 29th3.30pm | Archway Methodist Church | £5

'21 Miles Swimming in Search of the Meaning of Motherhood'

With Jessica Hepburn

After a decade of trying to become a mother – eleven rounds of unsuccessful IVF and multiple miscarriages – Jessica Hepburn knew it was time to do something different. So she decided to swim across the English Channel.... Then she had another idea: what if she wrote to a collection of inspiring women asking: does motherhood make you happy? The response was overwhelming. Baronesses, professors, award-winners and record-breakers, amazing women – some mothers, some not – all with compelling truths to tell about female fulfilment. On 2 September 2015, Jessica set out from Dover beach in the dark, taking the words that each of the women had given, to sea, in her bid to answer the question. 

Saturday 29th5.15pm | Archway Methodist Church | £4


The Big Golden Oldie Singalong!

At the first ever ArchWay With Words Festival, around 60 people gathered in the Mall to sing Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush. It was truly memorable! And such fun we did it again a year later! This year there'll be a big group singalong as the Grand Finale of the festival and we'll definitely be doing Wuthering Heights again - Bigger and Bushier !! We'll likely have a twitter vote in the run-up or send us a message - which songs shall we do?

Saturday 29th5pm | Archway Market at Navigator Square | FREE


Cut-Up Technique –Creative Writing For All Ages

We do this every year - it’s great fun, and a really good way to let the writer in you break loose. Bag yourself some words, and then arrange them, as you please! We have big magnetic display space and they will form a display increasing in size and curiosity throughout the day! 

 Part of the all day event at Archway Market in Navigator Square Saturday 29th 12pm - 4pm

cut up technique.jpg

Speciality stalls at Archway Market Saturday 22nd, 29th and every Saturday!

Word On The Street will lay on an especially massive ‘Word On The Street’ bookstall, with quality 2nd hand books, half price new children’s books and The Pavement Professor's own choice of new books. Come and have a browse!  You'll also find the finest cheeses and produce, speciality ingredients, street food & cakes, pictures, jewellery, bric-a-brac  and surprises. Open every Saturday in Navigator Square.